Dedicated Vendor Project Support

Find out why it's important to have an 'all-in' migration vendor so that the vendor is truly committed to your project success.

Get Migrating Quickly With EVComplete

There are many reasons that make it a super quick process to migrate with EVComplete. This blog compares Cloudficient's method to traditional...

The Bottom Line

Sometimes the price you’re quoted isn’t the price your organization ultimately pays. Take a look at some of the things that might be hidden.

Enterprise Vault 14.1 Released

For organizations with Enterprise Vault deployed on-premises, a few days ago, Veritas announced the availability of Enterprise Vault 14.1.

Always Do A Proof Of Concept! Always!

Before making any investment doing a migration, why not test the solution with a proof of concept with your users, your environment and your data?

EV Archive Migration – The Future is Now

EVComplete allows us to create templates of migration or onboarding process tasks, then orchestrate the migration and execute tasks for each mapped...