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Continuing with the theme mentioned in my blog, “Why Vendor Experience Matters in Your Enterprise Transformation ...

Continuing with the theme mentioned in my blog, “Why Vendor Experience Matters in Your Enterprise Transformation Project”, we understand experience is extremely important and needs to be a major criteria item when evaluating a vendor’s solution. 

Key Takeaways

  • Experience should be a major criteria when evaluating a vendor's solution for an enterprise transformation project.
  • Vendor commitment to project success is important to consider, such as whether the vendor will provide both technology and managed services to ensure project success.
  • Enterprises should consider a vendor that is "all-in" on fully supporting transformation events.
  • Cloudficient eliminates project risk by offering a no-cost, no-commitment, proof-of-concept before any paperwork is started.
  • A custom workflow is designed that incorporates all project goals and accounts for the client's business practices.
  • Cloudficient fully manages the project during the production phase and keeps the customer informed on an agreed-upon cadence.
  • This approach results in the elimination of project risk and ensures customer success.

But shouldn’t one also ask: 

What level of commitment to project success will my vendor provide? 

That is, will the vendor provide both the technology and managed services to ensure project success or just the technology tool? We live in an age of tools and DIY (my typical weekend activities) and your organization purchasing technology and handing it over to your IT team might make sense for some projects. However, it’s likely not the optimal approach for your IT team to learn (often by trial and error) how to use a tool while having limited time to support business transformation projects. Specifically, projects for supporting restructures, mergers  and acquisitions which need to be spun up fast and completed in tight deadlines often dictated by Legal teams. Therefore, enterprises should consider a vendor whose focus is “all-in” on fully supporting transformation events. 

Hand with marker writing We Believe in Making a Difference-1To that end, our mantra at Cloudficient is “This is what we do”. And we assist customers through their transformation events in a number of ways. One is by eliminating project risk via providing a no-cost, no-commitment, no-problem proof-of-concept before any paperwork is started (Always do a POC!) . Another way is by offering flexible payment options. 
However, the focus of this blog: Cloudficient is “all-in” on our customer’s success by providing an experienced delivery team that manages their projects to completion and 100% satisfaction. 

In fact, the Cloudficient Services team gets involved even before we’ve been identified as the selected vendor. Why? Because our delivery team needs to ensure any special project requirements uncovered in the pre-sales cycle are fully supported and included in the project scope and plan. 

As I mentioned in my first blogunplanned adventure is always best avoided! 

Our delivery team comprises 100+ years of team experience managing small to enterprise scale projects. Those projects that involve multiple customer departments on all organizational hierarchies across multiple continents are most familiar to us (See what we accomplished for Rabobank!). What this means for our customers is their project will be managed by a team that has a wealth of experience, follows best practices and documented processes to ensure no details are left out of the plan. 

Business man pointing the text ChecklistFor example, each of the following steps are followed for every project: 

  • the Services team schedules one or more kickoff calls with all involved stakeholders to document deliverables, 
  • designs a custom workflow that incorporates all project goals and accounts for the client’s business practices, 
  • deploys all software components and performs an end-to-end test, 
  • pilots a set of users through the workflow to ensure we’re delivering as per the goals,
  • make any adjustments to the workflow and process to suit the customer’s desired outcomes, 
  • move into production during the which the Cloudficient team fully manages the project while keeping the customer informed on an agreed upon cadence,
  • and finally, decommissions the software when all parties agree the project is completed and has met its goals.

This intersection of deep experience, documented best practices, and technology that can easily be adjusted to incorporate the project goals and organization’s business practices results in the elimination of project risk and thus, ensures our customer’s success!

With unmatched next generation migration technology, Cloudficient is revolutionizing the way businesses retire legacy systems and transform their organization into the cloud. Our business constantly remains focused on client needs and creating product offerings that match them. We provide affordable services that are scalable, fast and seamless.

If you would like to learn more about how to bring Cloudficiency to your migration project, visit our website, or contact us.

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