Cloud Migration Services

At Cloudficient, we help organizations securely and efficiently leverage the power of the cloud as they evolve – in a flexible, automated way.

Cloud Migration Onboarding and Offboarding

Our cloud migration services offer a complete onboarding and offboarding strategy to make your transformation as seamless as possible. We offer Office 365 Onboarding, Enterprise Vault Migration, and PST Migration.

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Compliance Migration

Aging, on-premises journal archives provide a challenge for many businesses. We can help you with compliance migration and put in place a secure cloud migration strategy. With a rapidly changing compliance landscape, we’re here to help make sure your transformation is following best practices.

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Data Expiration

Data comes in many different forms, but it’s not all worth the same value to your business.  Data expiration through cloud transformation services allows you to prioritize valuable data and limit the burden of less valuable data.

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Restructuring, Mergers & Acquisition

Restructuring, and mergers and acquisition throw up all kinds of challenges. Cloudficient empowers businesses to go through large-scale restructuring, facilitating the cloud migration of numerous workloads.

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Enterprise Transformation

With cloud platforms handling a majority of infrastructure needs, a growing focus is managing the movement of business data throughout the enterprise lifecycle.  This includes everything from cloud onboarding, compliance migrations, or expiring legacy data, to restructuring events like mergers and acquisitions.  
Cloudficient cloud migration services orchestrates these transitions, handling complex enterprise transformation scenarios as a business process, end to end with cloud native technology.
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Enterprise Experience & Technology

With over 100+ years of team experience around cloud transformation services we pride ourselves on being industry leaders who are constantly innovating to keep you ahead.
Cloudficient migration services are extensions of our cloud native ReMAD Platform. This platform is a next generation technology which may be seamlessly scaled up, or down, on demand. A key component of the ReMAD Platform is our workflow orchestration engine which automates enterprise transformations as a business process.

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