Enterprise Office 365 Onboarding!

Each Enterprise Office 365 onboarding project involves moving large quantities of data including mailboxes, home drives, files shares and other personal or group repositories. Additionally, supporting technical resources need to monitor all the process steps and guide users into the cloud.
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Office 365 Migration with Onboarding 365 Complete

Built on the Cloudficient ReMAD Platform, Onboarding 365 Complete manages your Office 365 migration project end-to-end by automating all the labor-intensive processes.
With our experienced delivery resources and approach, a Cloudficient solution will enable you to complete your Enterprise Office 365 onboarding faster – ensuring shortest time to ROI while providing a seamless end-user experience.

Automate, Manage & Communicate with Office 365 Migration Tools

Automate: Orchestrate all necessary process steps across desired Office 365 workloads like Exchange, SharePoint, or OneDrive. Cloudficient has over 100 workflow steps, helping to ensure a smooth Enterprise Office 365 onboarding by carefully mapping project requirements and tracking state, dependencies, and progress.
Manage: Easily resolve dependencies and progress each user individually through an fully audited process workflow. Cloudficient makes it extremely simple to build process workflows, communicate with users, and keep track of progress.
Communicate: Keep users informed of changes related to the new cloud environment as well as the onboarding process and progress. Cloudficient gives you control over your communication, helping to personalize emails and set out the actions a user needs to take. By making it as easy as possible for users to take action through clear communication, it makes the Office 365 migration much more efficient.

Customer Story

Rabobank is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands. It is a global leader in food and agriculture financing and sustainability-oriented banking.
Industry - Banking
Products Used - EVComplete and Onboarding 365 Complete
Archive Size - 200+ TB
Number of Users - 70,000 Users ( 49k active users / 20k leavers )

Always Get A Proof Of Concept, Always!

Before making any investment doing a full-scale migration, why not test our technology with a proof of concept - in your environment and with your users.

Onboarding 365 Complete Benefits

Take Control of the Process

Build workflows and design your move from start to finish - set migration strategy and receive progress updates in real time.

Enterprise Secure and Transparent

Onboarding 365 Complete automates the entire tailored process workflow - eliminating risk, enhancing governance, and ensuring end-user transparency.

Get Faster Office 365 ROI

Accelerate the Office 365 onboarding process and start consuming services most likely already being paid for!

Flexible Fixed Price

Flexible payment options enable traditional pay up front (CAPEX) or as you migrate (OPEX) pricing models.

Fixed Outcome

Let Cloudficient manage all the project risks - no matter how complicated it gets or how long it takes!

Focus on your Business

Onboarding 365 Complete frees your resources to focus on more critical tasks key for business performance.

Onboarding 365 Complete Features

Design your migration as a business process, end-to-end
Automate and scale utilizing the latest cloud computing technology
Keep employees updated at every step of the onboarding process
Maintain full data fidelity of emails and files during migration
Pure cloud solution requires very minimal on-premise infrastructure

Get Started With Your Project Today!

Cloudficient delivers an advanced orchestration solution for Office 365 onboarding, transforming your data to the cloud faster and more secure – giving you instant cloud ROI.