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Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As), Re-structuring and Divestitures are notoriously complicated with technology never being up to the task. Not anymore – we’re fixing this. ReMAD provides a re-imagined, automated way of handling the IT and User re-organization process.

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When people collaborate to solve common problems, that creates value. Value structures associated with these collaborations often need to be re-organized, bought or sold. Companies buying and selling other companies is nothing new, particularly in the fast-paced age of information technology. Barely a week goes by without some sort of big merger and/or acquisition story in the financial media.


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However, what’s rarely reported is the incredible burden these corporate moves put on IT teams and individuals. Overnight the incumbent IT staff might be asked to absorb thousands of users’ accounts and data. The repercussions of mishandling such a process could echo through the business for years, dictating the apparent success or failure of the merger/acquisition.
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In the modern world, such critical work should not remain the burden of individual members of staff without the proper tooling. These complex requirements should be handled by predefined, automated processes, with exceptional project governance and management reporting throughout.
Such is the vision of Cloudficient’s ReMAD platform, a trusted solution capable of managing even the most intricate of re-organisation process from an IT User perspective.

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