Moving your data is only one step of the process

We enable you to fully orchestrate your migration, planning for every step of the process. That means maximum transparency and chain-of-custody for everything you move, even during the co-existence period. Give your users a disruption-free access to the business-critical files they need.

Retiring your EV archive shouldn’t be the thing that’s holding you back from your digital transformation. With Cloudficient you have an expert by your side – to help you take the leap. 

Always do a Proof of Concept

Why not test our technology with a proof of concept in your environment with your users.

Generations of Archive Migration Solutions

Here is a detailed review of the different types of legacy archive migration solutions and some of the issues you might encounter with the older ones.

EVComplete Benefits

Orchestrate your project your way
Automate all the necessary steps of user communication, provisioning, license assignment, and any other tasks.
Let us reduce your costs
Automate labor intensive and repetitive tasks - utilizing EVComplete’s cloud technology – and get ROI faster.
Pay as you go or fully managed
EVCompete licensing is available as Pay-as-you-go and traditional licensing or fully managed guaranteed fixed price.
Reduce project risk
Get verification notifications at each of step of the way that each user has completed each workflow task.

ReMAD Platform

Re-structuring, Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures are notoriously complicated with technology seemingly never up to the task.  The Cloudficient ReMAD Platform provides a re-imagined, automated way of handling transformation as a business process – end to end.

EVComplete Features

Delivered as a cloud service - no need for on-prem hardware
Highly automated and workflow-based process
End-User Communication to keep your employees informed
Full-Fidelity migration of emails and files to Office 365/OnPrem
Targets EV Mail, Journal, File and SharePoint archives
Personalized migration process orchestration

Delivery Methodology

Leveraging the only next generation, pure cloud migration technology, Cloudficient helps customers with a unique approach that ensures successful business outcomes.

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