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Why Microsoft Edge Is More Secure Now Than Ever

Every person has a favorite browser. However, as technology changes, there is always room to explore new options. In ...

Every person has a favorite browser. However, as technology changes, there is always room to explore new options. In recent years, Microsoft released Microsoft Edge as a new, secure browser. As with other new products, it may give you some hesitation.

Migrating to Microsoft tools can boost your company's productivity and teamwork. Utilizing a secure browser like Microsoft Edge can also protect your network.HTTP Blue Button. More Buttons Like that is in My Folio.

What Is Microsoft Edge?

Edge is Microsoft's default browser. It is the browser installed when you purchase a Windows PC. Edge replaced Microsoft's flagship browser Internet Explorer because users rarely used the original. However, the new browser has improved on the previous one.

Edge is a Chromium browser. It can run all the same extensions as Chrome, including games, productivity tools, and screen readers. In addition, you can use the various extensions available in the Microsoft Store. Microsoft Edge is available for many other operating systems such as macOS.

How Is Microsoft Edge More Secure?

When choosing a browser, it is easy to go for the tried and tested options. Since Edge is newer than Chrome, Mozilla and the late Internet Explorer, you may be hesitant to move to Edge. However, you'll find that Microsoft Edge may be more secure than the other options.PST Migration CTA

Disabled JIT

Enhanced security mode disables just-in-time JavaScript compilation. Most browsers compile JavaScript into native code to optimize browser performance. However, to do this, JIT compilation comes with security risks. Attackers exploit JavaScript engine bugs because there is always a steady influx of bugs, and the exploitations are straightforward.

JavaScript exploitation has remained the same throughout the years. All attackers have to do is copy and paste a bug into a template. Defending against the bugs can be a nightmare for developers, so Microsoft Edge tried to disable JIT entirely. Some of the other popular browsers take the risk of enabling JIT to enhance performance, but disabling JIT does not affect Edge's performance in any significant way. Most users see no difference in daily browsing.

System Protections

In addition to disabling JIT, Microsoft Edge introduces other security measures. Protections include Hardware-Enforced Stack Protection (HeSP) and Arbitrary Code Guard (ACG). The systems make it difficult for a malicious site to use vulnerabilities or to write an executable memory attack. There is also Microsoft Edge SmartScreen, which protects all users from malware downloads and phishing scams.


Data Execution Prevention (DEP) prevents the exploitation of certain memory by marking it as non-executable. If an attacker injects a malicious code through a buffer overflow, DEP can catch and prevent its distribution. When users attempt to set the instruction pointer to a memory address you cannot execute, a general-protection violation will occur, and the application will crash.

Code Integrity Guard

To load binaries into a process, Code Integrity Guard ensures Microsoft's digital signature is there. The memory manager implements this mitigation and blocks all binaries from mapping to the memory. If you try to load a binary without Microsoft's signature, you will receive a STATUS_INVALID_IMAGE_HASH error. Blocking unknown binaries protects the system and prevents the injection of untrustworthy binaries into a process.


With an arbitrary code guard, an attacker cannot load a code through a memory safety vulnerability. The guard protects against dynamically generated code. When a code is not loaded from the DLL or EXE, ACG prevents it from being marked as executable. The error you may see in this situation is STATUS_DYNAMIC_CODE_BLOCKED.

Remote Imaging Blocking

Microsoft Edge can block remote images to prevent your computer from loading files hosted on remote devices. Blocking remote images protects your PC from loading binaries into the memory from a device controlled by the attacker.

If the mitigation determines that an image is on a remote device, it will block it through the memory manager. If your application attempts to map a file on a remote device, it will cause a Status_Access_Denied error.

What Security Systems Increase Browser Safety?

You need to take system security seriously if your employees work predominantly online or on cloud-based technologies. Whether your employees work from the office or home, malware, phishing scams and other malicious codes can take down a system. The advanced protection that Edge offers can make everyone more comfortable using this browser.

To increase your security on the web, Microsoft Edge offers different layers of protection. To find the different layers, go to "Settings and more" by clicking the three dots at the top of the browser, then select "Settings" from the drop-down menu. From there, choose "Privacy, search and services." Under "Security," enable "Enhance your security."

Strict Mode

Strict mode is the most stringent of the modes. Strict mode applies security protections to every site you visit. While you can manually add sites to the exception list, strict mode is unnecessary for the typical user. Most users have to use some other configuration while browsing and performing simple tasks.

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Balanced Mode

The balanced mode is the most adaptive. It takes into consideration the user's behavior on a device. Microsoft identifies commonly used and trustworthy sites and incorporates that into Microsoft Edge. However, it does limit what you can do on unfamiliar and new sites.

Basic Mode

Basic mode is the default mode. It does not consider user behavior and applies securities to less visited sites. The less you visit a site, the more often the security measures will be in place.

Make Microsoft Edge Your Company's Browser

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