Why Consider Cloudficient to Help with your Project?

Industry Leadership

Cloudficient is a Microsoft Gold partner with over 100+ years of team experience around Enterprise Vault.

Founders formerly architected & collaborated with other leading archive migration solutions.

Unmatched Technology

The only next generation & pure cloud born migration technology on the market.

Cloudficient’s ReMAD Platform is a Kubernetes orchestrated cloud microservices platform offering truly unlimited scale.

Enterprise Ready

Pure cloud solution requires minimal on-premise infrastructure.

Alternative solutions typically have a significant on-premise hardware footprint and are difficult to scale up and down to match project needs.

Enterprise Secure

Deployment architecture ensures migration data stays within secure organizational boundaries.

Complete Scope

Workflow-based solution orchestrates the entire transformation process, handling complex migration scenarios as a business process, end to end.


Cloudficient will prove our technology solution prior to purchase, at no cost and without commitment – Always do a Proof of Concept!

Flexible Fixed Price

Flexible payment options enable traditional pay up front (CAPEX) or as you migrate (OPEX) pricing models.

Fixed Outcome

Dedicated delivery team of experts with a unique approach that ensures successful project outcomes.

Our Mission and Values

Cloudficient’s mission is to continuously innovate and provide cloud solutions that support organizational transformation for our customers.

Our core values are the principles that guide us daily in helping our customers.