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Cloudficient Announces CaseCrafter, a Transformative Suite for Legal Department Efficiency

Note from the author: The following text was released via PRWeb and is copied here in full for our readers.

Note from the author: The following text was released via PRWeb and is copied here in full for our readers.

Cloudficient, a leader in innovative information governance solutions, today proudly announces the launch of CaseCrafter, a modular product suite designed to revolutionize the efficiency of legal departments by delivering process improvements on the left side of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).

The first step in Early Data Assessment (EDA) is answering the critical questions: "Who", "When", and "Where"?

By assisting legal departments to get faster & more dependable answers, CaseCrafter-Identify is a game-changer in the world of eDiscovery with the following core benefits:

  • Single Pane of Glass for Custodian Metadata: CaseCrafter-Identify provides a unified view of custodian-related metadata across multiple sources.
  • Structured Process for Custodian Identification: The module streamlines the process of verifying the right custodian identities and orchestrates eDiscovery data collection requests across multiple teams.
  • Integration of HR-Information-Systems and Active Directory/Azure Entra: By combining HR & IT-Directory data, CaseCrafter-Identify delivers comprehensive analysis and tracking of custodian information.
  • Comprehensive Data Mapping: CaseCrafter automatically builds a data map per custodian, showing how data is stored & used across various platforms such as Exchange Online, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and many more.
  • M&A Scenarios: CaseCrafter-Identify can preserve and archive metadata from HR-IS and AD, maintaining the full history of custodian data during and after mergers & acquisitions.
  • Cross-Entity/Geography Workflows: The module supports data request and approval workflows across different corporate entities and geographies, honoring internal communications policies and ensuring cross-border compliance.
  • AI-Powered Natural Language Chat: Users can leverage AI to ask complex custodian-related questions in natural language, like "Who reported to Manager Y at the Trading Desk in London from May 2017 to January 2018?"
  • Integration with Expireon: CaseCrafter-Identify seamlessly interacts with Cloudficient's Expireon Information Governance platform, enhancing its capabilities and providing a tightly integrated solution.
  • Holistic Strategy: Dependable roadmap to include more sources and systems, such as CRM & ticketing systems, promising an even broader scope of eDiscovery management.

Peter Parker, CEO of Cloudficient, comments on the launch: "CaseCrafter-Identify is not just a tool; it's a step towards transforming how legal departments manage the early stages of eDiscovery. Instead of ‘ad-hoc’ processes based on Excel & email, CaseCrafter provides easy, but flexible workflows in a comprehensive, solution. Our vision for the CaseCrafter suite is to empower legal teams to work more efficiently and collaborate more effectively across internal teams, Legal Service Providers & Outside Counsel."

Following CaseCrafter-Identify, Cloudficient plans to release CaseCrafter-Collect and CaseCrafter-Preserve later this year, further expanding the suite's capabilities.

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