Office 365 Onboarding

Organizations often struggle with a complete onboarding strategy in the midst of paying monthly for Office 365 licenses when services are not being used. This cost is often overlooked and, in many cases where left to linger, may be quite shocking – what would be the Return on Investment (ROI) to onboard now?

Cloudficient delivers Office 365 onboarding with an advanced orchestration solution, seamlessly moving your employees and their data to the cloud faster.
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Enterprise Vault Migration

Many organizations migrating legacy archives like Enterprise Vault to Office 365 are simply taking advantage of the licenses they are already paying for. There are real advantages to this strategy in terms of maximizing the overall end user experience along with a compelling Return on Investment (ROI) typically between 6 – 12 months!

Cloudficient provides fully audited, end to end migrations from Enterprise Vault, utilizing the latest cloud computing technologies for maximum flexibility and performance.
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The Bottom Line

“Sounds great! So, how much does it cost?”  

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Copying Data is Just Part of Your Migration Project

Most mailbox or legacy archive migration vendors focus on:

Why Letting Cloudficient Manage Your Migration Makes Sense

In most instances, migration of legacy data and live mailboxes to Office 365 are serviced with one of the following methodologies:

Video: In-depth Review Of The Generations Of Archive Migration Solutions

In this video Steve takes us through some of the details around the three different generations of archive migration solutions. He'll cover:

See What Customers Are Saying

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"It was the flexibility of the solution that delivered such exceptional value, coupled with the scale of what we were able to achieve with limited project resources."
Jacob Kralt, Rabobank
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"We selected Cloudficient as our migration expert of choice due to their personal approach, adaptation to our unique issues and the resulting bespoke solution offer."
Tim Johnson, Princes Group
“Cloudficient’s approach was professional, efficient and understanding of our problem. From the onset of our project they instilled confidence that they understood the technology, situation at hand and communicated with us during each step of the way.”
Robert E. Mirowicz, Keller & Heckman
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Cloudficient delivers an advanced orchestration solution for Office 365 onboarding, including Enterprise Vault archives, transforming your data to the cloud faster and more secure – giving you instant cloud ROI.