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5 Ways Visio Can Help Your Team's Productivity

Microsoft first added Visio to the Office family in 2000. Since then, Microsoft Visio has simplified the process of ...

Microsoft first added Visio to the Office family in 2000. Since then, Microsoft Visio has simplified the process of creating diagrams for personal and professional use. Not surprisingly, organizations around the world have incorporated this tool into their efforts to improve productivity. So, what can it do for your business?

How Microsoft Visio Can Help

5-Ways-Visio-Can-Help-Your-Team's-ProductivityIt’s worth noting that the more familiar workers are with Visio, the greater the likelihood of them using it to solve problems. Consequently, training is crucial for making the most of what it has to offer.

1. Visualize Concepts

According to a study cited by Inc., 65% of the general population learn best through visual communication. When managers and teams can organize ideas into visual interpretations, there is a greater likelihood of keeping everyone on track. Visualizing concepts also simplify and summarize some of the most complex and data-heavy ideas. Finally, visualizing data makes it easier to create reports.

For example, imagine a project manager trying to explain project deliverables and their associated costs to the financial controller for budget approval. This is easiest to accomplish by using diagrams that showcase each milestone requiring disbursement of funds.

2. Simplify Brainstorming

When working together to solve problems or create revolutionary changes, teammates often need to brainstorm. When everyone is focused on creating their own solutions, it can be easy to forget who said what. Microsoft Visio simplifies the process of ensuring all ideas are documented and attributed to the right person.

For example, consider a situation where companies recognize an increased difficulty in getting some projects picked up. Workers from around the world could provide input on what could make the projects more appealing, such as easier instructions, more room for creativity and higher pay. Each suggestion would then be visually displayed and attributed to the person who provided them.

3. Improve Teamwork

5-Ways-Visio-Can-Help-Your-Teams-ProductivityBrainstorming is just one of the many situations where team members need to co-author a diagram. Workers can use the Visio tab to easily access diagrams they are working on and continue to make individual contributions. Because Visio also tracks changes, it increases transparency and improves accountability. It is much easier to resolve an issue when managers know precisely who made the changes.

For example, imagine Jacob, Sara and Andy are working on a diagram remotely. Jacob lives alone, so he is not always careful about locking his computer. He does, however, have a rambunctious kitten who enjoys running across the keyboard when he’s not looking. Should Mister Whiskers create errors in the diagram, Andy and Sara will be able to pinpoint that Jacob’s account is responsible for the changes.

4. Provide Quick Updates

Collaborative work does not always happen simultaneously. Just as often, professionals from different fields must come on board to complete the next step. When they do, they need a quick rundown of progress so far and the information that led to current decisions. Microsoft Visio makes it easy for professionals to quickly get up to speed and proceed with their contributions to the project. It is also easy for them to go back and verify information as they continue to work.

Consider an example where a business analyst is called in to review company expenditure and help tighten its budget. The business analyst needs access to detailed records, but existing Visio reports could simplify and summarize the company’s financial performance, so far.

5. Document Processes

In some organizations, departments or teams, workers have full autonomy over their work and are expected to tackle each assignment creatively. More often than not, however, workers have specific processes they need to follow. This is especially common in STEM fields but is also common in sales, logistics and any field that requires troubleshooting. Microsoft Visio makes it easy to document those processes and revisit those documentations when necessary.

For example, Dean is a tax analyst for an oil company. Every second Wednesday, he completes a complex reconciliation process. Dean uses Microsoft Visio to document this process so that when he goes on vacation, other employees can complete the tax reconciliation process.

Business Processes on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.How To Access Microsoft Visio

Visio may be part of the Office family, but it is not included in the suite. It exists solely as a stand-alone product. There is both a subscription and non-subscription version. Similarly, there is a desktop and web app version. Like most collaborative tools, Visio tends to work best as part of a total cloud computing package.

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