Restructuring, Mergers & Acquisitions

Do you want to simplify restructuring events like mergers, acquisitions and divestitures? 

Take the problems away with our solutions which help automate many of the complex, time-dependent steps in the process.

We provide medium and enterprise-sized organizations with the capabilities to migrate data with minimal disruption and data loss.

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Always do a Proof of Concept

Why not test our technology with a proof of concept in your environment with your users?


There are many industries that can benefit from Cloudficient software and services.

We help organizations in retail, professional services, manufacturing, finance, healthcare as well as government and education.

Take a closer look at our products and solutions to see how they can help your business.

Our team has been in the industry for many years and we've helped thousands of customers perform complex, time-critical migrations. Our experts will guide you through the entire technology process relating to your merger, divestiture or acquisition.

We’ll work alongside your team to understand the unique requirements of your situation.

We will ensure no data is lost and that disruption is minimized.


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