What Infusing OpenAI in Microsoft Teams Means

The public launch of ChatGPT in late November 2022 set a record for the fastest-growing user base for a consumer ...

The public launch of ChatGPT in late November 2022 set a record for the fastest-growing user base for a consumer application, reaching over 100 million monthly active users in January 2023. A partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI has led to the deployment of AI-powered models across the software giant’s enterprise, browser, search and productivity platforms. Find out what the ongoing infusion of ChatGPT means for users of Microsoft Teams Premium.

unsplash - stock - AI-2Which OpenAI Features Are Being Added To Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is adding new features based on generative pre-trained transformer technology. The company rolled out over 400 new features and fixes for Teams in 2022, and more AI-powered capabilities will debut in 2023. A number of features that draw on ChatGPT are already available in Microsoft Teams Premium.

A presentation at the Microsoft Build developer conference in 2018 previewed the integration of intelligent meeting capabilities into Teams. As of early 2023, basic AI-generated meeting summaries, chapter summaries and personal highlights are available in PowerPoint Live and Teams Premium.

Live translation with real-time captions for 40 spoken languages is another AI-powered feature that is already part of Microsoft Teams Premium. Only the organizer of a meeting needs a Teams Premium license for all attendees to view live translations.

How Will the Infusion of OpenAI Enhance Teams?

Intelligent meeting features help users get more out of Microsoft Teams. Infusing ChatGPT into this platform offers even more benefits, including prompts to generate text. The capabilities of this platform will eventually roll out across most Microsoft 365 offerings.

The addition of AI-powered features to Microsoft Teams Premium is poised to increase productivity with features that promote collaboration and assist with composition. Users can harness the capacity of AI to streamline internal and external communication.

Personalized meeting highlights are one of the most helpful forthcoming features for Teams. Timeline markers will indicate who was speaking at various points during meetings. AI will prioritize information based on the closest collaborations of each user to prioritize feedback from managers and reports from co-workers.

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When Will New AI Features Be Infused Into Teams?

Some AI-powered features, such as basic meeting chapters and live translations, are already available in Microsoft Teams Premium. Enhanced branded meeting features will roll out in mid-February 2023, including the integration of business logos and colors into meeting backgrounds, together mode screens and webinar lobby rooms.

Automated reminder emails to webinar registrants will become available in March 2023. This feature will include custom branded headers and support a seamless join experience through any device browser without the need to download additional software.

Another wave of AI features, including enhanced intelligent recap capabilities, is slated for the second quarter of 2023. Improvements to personal timeline markers will expand to notate mentions of a user’s name and any instances of screen sharing.

Which Microsoft Platforms Will Feature OpenAI Technology?

A number of Microsoft software platforms will soon incorporate AI capabilities. Enterprises that use Microsoft 365 can look forward to ChatGPT features for Microsoft Office. Prompt-based text generation is slated for integration into Outlook and Word, in addition to Teams and PowerPoint.

The gradual infusion of OpenAI features into M365 will build on the functionality of Microsoft’s own internal AI offerings, such as the Turing’s Smart Find feature and At a Glance document summaries. Microsoft is also launching an Azure OpenAI service to enable businesses to integrate AI-driven tools into cloud applications. Upcoming versions of the Bing search engine and Edge browser also incorporate ChatGPT technology.

Recent Bing demos combine AI annotations with traditional search results and increase the relevance of ChatGPT with recent news sources. A Bing chatbot mode will support direct user interaction. New Chat and Compose features in a sidebar of the Edge browser will allow users to ask questions about web page or document contents and generate text through prompts.

Do All Microsoft Teams Licenses Include AI Features?

ChatGPT features are being infused into Microsoft Teams Premium. Certain resources, such as live translation, only require meeting organizers to have Premium licenses for all meeting participants to benefit from this feature. More details on licensing limitations and allowances will become available as a wider range of AI capabilities is introduced.

Other new features, such as security settings through Microsoft Purview Information Protection sensitivity labels, are only available to Microsoft 365 E5 customers. Other advanced features for meetings, such as RTMP-In and Microsoft Enterprise Content Delivery Network, also require an E5 license.

The primary motivation for infusing ChatGPT into Teams, Office, Outlook and other programs is to eliminate the need for external add-ons to access advanced meeting or AI resources. Microsoft is offering discounted introductory pricing for Teams Premium subscriptions through June 30, 2023, to encourage users to experience the benefits of AI in Teams.

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What Is the Future of the Microsoft and OpenAI Partnership?

Microsoft is investing $10 billion in OpenAI in addition to the $3 billion that the software giant has already invested in the startup. This investment is also accompanied by the provision of supercomputing services and an exclusive cloud provider partnership.

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