Office 365 Backup

Worried About Ransomware and Malware Attacks?

For those relying on enterprise collaboration systems like Office 365, there is a constant struggle to stay ahead of the security curve - and ensure overall safety. 

Unfortunately, ransomware and malware threats seem to only be increasing in frequency and potential harm. There is no way to 100% guarantee implemented measures will prevent the next incident. 

Additionally, there is evidence to suggest that malicious attacks are progressively targeting cloud applications where a large pool of users are readily available. 

For all these reasons and more, backup is a vital component to any cloud strategy to recover critical business data in the instance of an attack.

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Ready to Handle Human Error and Accidental Deletions?

Even with the best of intentions, policy and configuration mistakes present a constant threat of data loss. Generally speaking, data may not be recovered within Office 365 once it is soft deleted for more than 30 days, when a user account has been permanently erased, or when manually removed from the Recoverable Items folder. 

The only exceptions are when data is managed via one or more retention policies or put on legal hold.  Of course, retention policies may be inadvertently changed if not translated correctly from corporate retention and legal teams to IT staff.  For similar reasons it’s also feasible data on legal hold is removed at the wrong time.

These policy and configuration examples are all subject to human error but also easily exploited with malicious intentions. To safeguard against these risks, many organizations choose to backup Office 365 - ensuring user data is protected automatically. 

Continuity Plan for Outages and Natural Disasters?

It’s difficult to imagine any significant interruption around Office 365, but almost every cloud service will face some level of downtime.  When outages inevitably occur, they may last from seconds up to several days.  In a worst-case scenario there is also the real possibility of data loss.

To ensure data access and business continuity, having a plan is critical for handling disruptions smoothly.  Implementing a backup solution with complete coverage across all Office 365 workloads, including Teams chat, along with unlimited data retention, offers the ability to avoid these undesired scenarios.

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ReMAD Platform

Re-structuring, Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures are notoriously complicated with technology seemingly never up to the task.  The Cloudficient ReMAD Platform provides a re-imagined, automated way of handling transformation as a business process – end to end.

Backup 365 Complete

With unlimited storage and retention, Backup 365 Complete gives you full protection of your critical business data within Office 365 across Teams, Groups, SharePoint, Exchange, and OneDrive.

Enabling hassle-free protection via automated daily backups along with unique data recovery features enabling search-across-time, locating missing files instantly and flexible restore options.

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Delivery Methodology

Leveraging the only next generation, pure cloud migration technology, Cloudficient helps customers with a unique approach that ensures successful business outcomes.

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