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At Cloudficient, we’re all about Empowering Digital Transformation – helping organizations as they evolve throughout the enterprise lifecycle.  This includes everything from onboarding to the cloudoptimizing or expiring legacy data along the way, to restructuring events like mergers acquisitions and all the change that brings about.
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Many organizations are still in the early stages of enterprise cloud transformation as well as addressing compliance migrations but also expiring legacy data during those transitions to make them as efficient as possible.
Business transformation is complicated enough when you’re dealing with one company, but when it comes to mergers and acquisitions, there’s even more to think about. Different companies will naturally be at different stages in the enterprise transformation roadmap, so it’s important to create a good framework from which to progress.
Things change quickly in the instance of a merger or acquisition as consolidation planning and execution begins. In most cases, these events will trigger additional projects, as pockets of on-premise or legacy data emerge and need to be addressed.

Here’s a real-world and common scenario of an organization in the energy sector with ~30,000 employees that illustrates the enterprise lifecycle well:

Already onboarded to Exchange Online but looking to migrate PST files scattered throughout the organization to Office 365. 

They have many PSTs for users no longer with the company which they don’t wish to go to Office 365 but still need for eDiscovery purposes.

Recently acquired another company of ~6,000 employees which needs to be consolidated.

 The new acquisition has a legacy Enterprise Vault environment that will need to be migrated to Office 365 – this is something the parent company did many years ago.

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Cloud Onboarding & Offboarding

Many organizations are still undergoing enterprise cloud transformation – onboarding user mailboxes in combination with other workloads to take advantage of the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem and all its offerings.
Additionally, companies are reducing or eliminating on-premise infrastructure where possible, even existing data centers to make their businesses more agile and react to changing climates.
Alternatively, in some cases companies that have been acquired do migrate away from the cloud to match the preferences of their new parent company.

Compliance Migrations

Being able to adhere to regulatory guidelines and respond to eDiscovery requests is simply a fact of life for most organizations. 
For organizations with large, on-premise journal archives, the cost of storing, indexing, and maintaining this data year over year becomes a true burden – in some cases even when already leveraging a cloud archive.  
When it is time for enterprise transformation - either to migrate to a new platform, cloud provider, or eDiscovery vendor, the time and cost to complete a project is typically prohibitive and negates any potential ROI. 
Being able to store this data in a cost-effective manner, deliver the high-value data to the appropriate target, and expire the balance will ensure a more consistent and cost-effective process for your business.
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Data Expiration

Organizations are storing vast amounts of data – and due to the sheer volumes involved or challenges implementing a proper corporate retention policy, often end up treating a majority of this data the same from a value standpoint. 
To expire data efficiently and with the minimal amount of cost and disruption requires careful planning and consolidation of your data into a repository that is safe, auditable, and provides the necessary retention capabilities. 
It also needs to meet the needs of your legal team in order to query, cull and produce data for eDiscovery events.

Restructuring, Mergers & Acquisitions

While the frequency of corporate restructuring events like a merger or acquisition differs from company to company, the level of impact they have is often the same – a monumental task from a business and technology perspective with many steps and procedures necessary for optimal consolidation.  
While you may just be thinking about a tenant to tenant migration or a potential re-branding exercise, typically these events trigger a new vetting of the enterprise lifecycle to be sure pockets of on-premise or legacy data fall in line with overall policies.
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How Cloudficient Streamlines Your Enterprise Transformation

Enterprise transformation is an extremely challenging process. Businesses tend to grow in an organic, rather than a planned way, and after years of development, they can become unwieldy. Throw in ever-evolving technology and other challenges like mergers and acquisitions, and it can make your enterprise transformation roadmap endlessly complicated.

Cloudficient is here to offer our industry leading experience and unmatched technology to make enterprise transformation easier for everyone.

Our enterprise-ready solution requires minimal on-site infrastructure, offers the highest level of security, and comes with our guarantee. You’ll have a dedicated delivery team that offers you a personalized service to ensure a fixed outcome.

Transformation can be challenging, but with the right team behind you, and the latest technology, it’s a step you’re ready to take.

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