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Cloudficient has developed a novel solution to long‐term archive transformation that enables complete data control and technology agility while providing a compelling ROI. Our functionality and flexibility make Expireon the cloud data platform that companies have been looking for. Learn more about Expireon's Open Platform on this page or explore the other areas of Expireon by clicking on the links in the diagram.

Expireon - Your Cloud Data Platform

Watch the video to find out more about the cloud native, open platform approach used in Expireon.
Compliance Migrations - The Ultimate Checklist
Compliance Migrations – The Ultimate Checklist

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What are the Benefits of a Cloud Native, Open Platform?

Expireon is the data retention solution that is more than a data storage platform option for the Cloud age. Leverage the backend storage system of your choice to create the cloud data management platform your business needs.

Turn any storage system into a platform for legacy data storage!

Simple and Scalable

Expireon is built to be deployed in a dynamic, virtualized cloud environment.  The underlying infrastructure is “replaceable” - provisioned in minutes and resized or scaled on-demand – via Cloudficient’s ReMAD automation framework for cloud native applications.

Open Source

Expireon’s technology stack is built on the most prominent Open-Source frameworks. This gives us the scalability and reliability that proprietary solutions struggle to deliver.

Open Storage

By using open standards, combined with our mantra of storing data only in its native format, customers have a fully transparent choice of storage platforms for their data. 

Industry Standards

For all parts of the product, we use open industry standards such as OAuth2 for authentication and AWS S3 for storage.

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Data Storage Options

Expireon puts you in control of your cloud native platform, enabling complete data sovereignty, here are some of the various storage options.

Third-Party Cloud

  • Azure Cloud Platform
  • AWS
  • Google


  • CIFS
  • S3
  • StorageGrid


  • Low-cost
  • High Performance
  • S3-based

Why Expireon is Important to You

Review the use cases and guides below to see how Expireon can help your organization.

Need to Simplify Legacy Data Management?