Office 365 Onboarding

Project Scoped for Quickest ROI?

While individuals or smaller departments may be onboarded quite easily using Microsoft’s existing toolsets, when attempting to onboard an entire organization in a timely fashion, there are many components to consider.

-What is the project scope?
-What about other data that needs to also reside in the cloud?
-Third-party archive data?
-User Home Drive data to OneDrive?
-Who is going to communicate with the end-users about what and when certain activities will need to happen?

Organizations often struggle with a complete onboarding strategy in the midst of paying monthly for Office 365 licenses when services are not being used. This cost is often overlooked and, in many cases where left to linger, may be quite shocking – what would be the Return on Investment (ROI) to onboard now?

Appropriate Project Governance?

Ensuring that each Office 365 onboarding step is performed at the right time for the right user is critical in ensuring a successful outcome.

Of course, Microsoft provides a rich set of PowerShell commands for initiating mailbox move requests (Hybrid Mode) and all other typical tasks associated with onboarding users such as assigning licenses, enabling and online archive, setting geo-locations and assigning retention tags.

If using a set of manual tools and PowerShell scripts for your onboarding process, you will need to ensure adequate tracking of all activities to certify events are audited in case of an unexpected issue or missing data.

Spreadsheets and log files are commonly leveraged for this but quickly become unwieldy to manage and are subject to tampering. Manual multi-step processes will increase the chance of introducing human error into the process as the project progresses.

Challenges Scaling for Speed?

With the enforcement of Microsoft’s Service Protection Throttling in late 2020, in order to achieve adequate migration velocity to meet project timelines, customers are now forced to onboard many more users at the same time.

There is simply no other way to around this limitation which leads to juggling multiple times the amount of scripts, logs and user communications.

Scaling up the onboarding process drastically increases the probability for human error, governance issues, and unsatisfactory results for your organization.

ReMAD Platform

Re-structuring, Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures are notoriously complicated with technology seemingly never up to the task.  The Cloudficient ReMAD Platform provides a re-imagined, automated way of handling transformation as a business process – end to end.

Onboarding 365 Complete

Accelerate Office 365 onboarding with maximum flexibility and efficiency. Orchestrate every step with Onboarding 365 Complete.
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Delivery Methodology

Leveraging the only next generation, pure cloud migration technology, Cloudficient helps customers with a unique approach that ensures successful business outcomes.

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