Cloud Services for Lawyers: The Ecosystem Approach

Expireon is a team player. Instead of giving legal teams “another tool”, we complement and enhance the ones they already own by providing “On-Demand Delivery” of relevant data to the platform of choice.  Learn more about Expireon's Ecosystem Approach on this page or explore the other areas of Expireon by clicking on links in the diagram.

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Supporting The Legal Ecosystem

Expireon won't replace your advanced legal eDiscovery tools, instead it will complement them.

The Ecosystem Approach

Expireon is built to be a “supporting actor” to the legal team’s favorite tools. If you are using a full-featured Cloud archive solution such as Proofpoint Archive, Smarsh, or Global Relay; or one of the market-leading case management or digital forensic analytics applications (Relativity, Nuix) we have you covered.

Reduced Migration and Data Management Fees

Expireon saves customers up to 60% of the cloud migration cost, by putting the existing data on a “right-sized” tier, while using the Cloud archive only for the most recent data.  That translates to a 50% saving in the first year and 40% over 5-year period.

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Legacy data vs the limits of Microsoft's Purview Compliance Suite

In this white paper you’ll find out more about:

  • How Does Microsoft Purview Compliance Fit into The Office 365 Big Picture? 
  • Keeping Purview Clean & Tidy
  • Keeping Purview eDiscovery Search Fast & Usable 
  • Relying on Purview Without Becoming Dependable – The Alternative! 
  • How Cloudficient Can Help

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Expireon - Built For The Cloud

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Set retention based on content

Working With The Legal Data Ecosystem

In this role, we have decided to leave a major part of the EDRM stage to the e-discovery service providers, while focusing on the “left-side of EDRM”. That means, that you do not need to learn a complex new application and can use the platforms you already have for Processing, Reviewing, and Analyzing the data relevant to your case.
If you work with an outside legal counsel, you can share information with them much more quickly, because our export functionality is up to 20x faster than extracting data from legacy legal document management systems.
Best of all: If you use our Intelligent retention option, you can streamline the result set by excluding the noise (newsletters, auto-replies, mass mailings). That’s a time saver for your legal team and a tangible cost saving, when paying for the volume of data reviewed by managed e-Discovery service providers or outside counsel.

Why Expireon is Important to You

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