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We have designed Expireon not only to manage your legacy data, but also to understand the risk and value of each item to optimise your data retention strategy. By evaluating the information itself, customers get insights into risks, reduce the volume of legacy data under retention and feed other business processes. Learn more about Expireon's Intelligent Retention on this page or explore the other areas of Expireon by clicking on the links in the diagram.

Intelligent Data Retention

Expireon is a managed Information Governance platform with a data retention management system, legal holds, and on-demand full-text indexing for a fraction of the cost of full-featured platforms.

Its main purpose is to provide the business with a sustainable data retention plan platform for managing legal, compliance, privacy and security risks within the stored data, while considerably reducing IT expenses for both infrastructure and management.

Intelligent Data Retention Software

Expireon - Intelligent Data Retention Management Software

Watch the video to find out more about Intelligent Retention in Expireon.
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Legacy data vs the limits of Microsoft's Purview Compliance Suite

In this white paper you’ll find out more about:
  • How Does Microsoft Purview Compliance Fit into The Office 365 Big Picture? 
  • Keeping Purview Clean & Tidy
  • Keeping Purview eDiscovery Search Fast & Usable 
  • Relying on Purview Without Becoming Dependable – The Alternative! 
  • How Cloudficient Can Help
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Understanding Your Data

All data is not equal, so why treat it the same way? With Expireon as your data retention management software solution, you can eliminate irrelevant data, ensure data retention compliance, and gain more insight with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Understand the risk landscape

Not all email is created equal. An opinion by a senior executive or a board member might be affecting the stock price, while the receptionist will probably not achieve the same. Expireon can help you understand the risk landscape and use the latest classification technology to meet data retention requirements.

Innovate with

With Expireon’s Intelligent Retention option you can make business and compliance decisions to mitigate risks associated with the data under management.  With Expireon’s extensible classification engine and its connectivity to other web services, you can finally start truly innovating with the data.

Reduce the

By analyzing the sender & recipient information and using machine learning to classify the email, Expireon allows users to reduce the data stored for non-regulated employees while meeting the requirements of data retention laws. Up to 50% of all emails are not business records in the wider sense and expiring them aggressively can save both storage and e-discovery.

Data Retention Features

Why Expireon is Important to You

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