Cloud Onboarding & Offboarding

Office 365 Onboarding

Organizations often struggle with a complete onboarding strategy in the midst of paying monthly for Office 365 licenses when services are not being used. This cost is often overlooked and, in many cases where left to linger, may be quite shocking – what would be the Return on Investment (ROI) to onboard now?

Cloudficient delivers Office 365 onboarding with an advanced orchestration solution, seamlessly moving your employees and their data to the cloud faster.
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Enterprise Vault Migration

Many organizations migrating legacy archives like Enterprise Vault to Office 365 are simply taking advantage of the licenses they are already paying for. There are real advantages to this strategy in terms of maximizing the overall end user experience along with a compelling Return on Investment (ROI) typically between 6 – 12 months!

Cloudficient provides fully audited, end to end migrations from Enterprise Vault, utilizing the latest cloud computing technologies for maximum flexibility and performance.
Enterprise Vault to Office 365 migration

PST Migration

Around a quarter of a century old, PST files represent a major threat when it comes to knowing where sensitive data is stored. While the format might have made sense in the distant past, technology such as Office 365 makes the usage of end user PST files unnecessary. Ensuring PST files are not sprawled across organizational infrastructure is critical to reducing risk and ensuring optimal client technology.

Utilizing cloud native technology for enterprise scale, Cloudficient provides fully audited, end to end PST migrations to minimize IT staff, help desk and end-user impact.

Office 365 Backup

There is still much to debate regarding Office 365 backup, especially in terms of plausible restore scenarios in the case of an outage. What cannot be debated is the Microsoft Services Agreement, section “6. Service Availability”, item “b.” which states: “you may not be able to retrieve Your Content or Data that you’ve stored. We recommend that you regularly backup Your Content and Data that you store on the Services or store using Third-Party Apps and Services.” For enterprise companies looking to avoid damaging ransomware attacks and accidental deletion caused by human error, a backup solution for Office 365 may align with an overall data protection strategy.

With simple, cloud powered setup and configuration, Cloudficient provides best in class data protection for all Office 365 applications including Teams chat.

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Cloud Storage

Organizations have been amassing large volumes of unstructured data in their archiving and backup solutions. 

After storing this information on file systems for decades, the move to webservices and cloud infrastructure means new storage concepts and protocols such as AWS S3 - the standard for storing and retrieving information in the cloud. 

That’s why Cloudficient provides S3Complete, a service that provides certified security, no access cost and PB scalability for all your cloud backup, archive and data storage needs.  

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