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Only Expireon is designed to provide an eDiscovery software solution mechanism that works hand-in-hand with existing tools, while delivering up to 20x the export performance of other eDiscovery software solutions. Learn more about Expireon's right-sized eDiscovery services on this page or explore the other areas of Expireon by clicking on the links in the diagram.

Expireon - Right-sized eDiscovery Tools

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Legacy data vs the limits of Microsoft's Purview Compliance Suite

In this white paper you’ll find out more about:
  • How Does Microsoft Purview Compliance Fit into The Office 365 Big Picture? 
  • Keeping Purview Clean & Tidy
  • Keeping Purview eDiscovery Search Fast & Usable 
  • Relying on Purview Without Becoming Dependable – The Alternative! 
  • How Cloudficient Can Help
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Simplify eDiscovery

A simpler eDiscovery solution ensures that the right data can be reviewed by your legal team faster. Expireon has a range of features that allow you to search and export electronic information with ease.


“Cases” are created to carry out an investigation within the stored data. Legal users can be assigned to different cases and access restricted. Inside the case, select a group of custodians and eDiscovery managers (AD accounts & email addresses) and specify the timeframe that is under consideration.


Once that selection has been made, Expireon eDiscovery data collection tools will put the data on “Legal Hold” to prevent tampering and deletion of data from Exchange mailboxes or archives. A high-fidelity full-text index is created to provide full content search against mail bodies and attachments.


Based on the results of the advanced search queries, legal users can now export the data into various formats for use with upstream eDiscovery tools or for sending to a 3rd party legal or eDiscovery platform or partner.

Information Governance

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