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Migrate Now, Pay As You Go

Flexible pricing. No hold-ups to get going with your migration. Less process / politics and overhead with the best next-generation migration...

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New Ways To Use Your Voice In Microsoft Outlook

The Microsoft Outlook app received three new voice search features. Microsoft says this is only the beginning of how it plans to change the workspace.

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7 Things Windows 11 Will Bring to Your Company

Windows 11 is changing the way people work from the office, home and on the road. It also promises to be the safest and most productive Windows OS...

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How To Use Microsoft Office on a Chromebook

Do you have a Chromebook for work or personal use, and you want to learn how to use Microsoft Office? Learn three options for accessing Office on...

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How Collaborative Apps Make Hybrid Work Easier

Collaborative apps play a crucial role in the continued success of hybrid work models worldwide, especially as the Windows 11 release draws closer.