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What To Know About Microsoft's Edge Dev Build Release

In a show of continuous development, Microsoft is making improvements to its Edge browser. The latest version of ...

In a show of continuous development, Microsoft is making improvements to its Edge browser. The latest version of Microsoft's Edge Dev Build comes with key changes to the app that could prove very beneficial to the end user. Here is a look at some of these updates.

unsplash - stock - browser-2Important Updates in Microsoft's Edge Dev Build

With each new release of Edge Dev Build, users get to enjoy new features while experiencing improved performance and reliability. As the browser has gotten more secure and more intuitive for everyone, it's become a more useful tool for companies. The latest edition continues to build on that progress.


High on the list of important fixes for Edge is greater reliability. The previous version was experiencing crashes caused by various factors on different platforms. Such errors are unexpected and disruptive, so it makes sense that Microsoft made it a priority to address the problems.

Some users dealt with browser crashes associated with certain shopping websites and webpages with a certain type of vector. In the new release, this behavior should stop. Microsoft also fixed crashes due to encryption or autofill errors.

The new release also has updates to address crashes on specific operating systems. A bug in the macOS version had the potential to cause a crash when activating fullscreen mode. This should be fixed in Microsoft's Edge Dev Build release. iOS users can expect fewer problems when viewing a new tab or using the translator function. For Android users, a glitch that caused a crash during downloads has been addressed.

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Adjusted Behaviors

Developers have also paid attention to the design of the browser and changed behaviors where needed. Doing this improves functionality and user-friendliness. Some of these also help productivity.

One fix involves closing the browser if there is only one blank tab that was opened by a prompt. This is useful since it can help machines run more efficiently by freeing up computer RAM and other resources, allowing the computer to operate at an optimum level.

The browser will now also handle the recently closed suggestions feature differently. Rather than storing them in the address bar so they come up at every session, they will now only be a part of your current browser session. When you close, you come back to a fresh experience. This can cut down on distractions and make it easier to get work done.

Platform-specific browser behavior improvements are also featured in the new release. Android, iOS and Enterprise users should see usability improvements that may be subtle but will make the browser more enjoyable.

New Features

While fixing problems and making adjustments are important processes, innovating is just as critical to the usefulness of Microsoft Edge. There are always new challenges, so the end user will always need new tools in the adapting tech landscape.

A big one for Edge on Android focuses on blocking ads. With Microsoft's Edge Dev Build update, users can long press to block ads. It's a faster way to get to the content you actually need in your browser. Android users can now also change the wallpaper on the new tab page for a personalized touch.

WebView2 clients will get a new Permission management API, although it may be experimental for now. For Enterprise users, the new features of Edge are under the hood. Certain policies in the browser have been revised for better results for certain queries or inputs.

Why Staying Up to Date Is Critical

These changes have obvious value, but they aren't the only reason to update to the new release. Typically, browser security gets stronger in new editions of the browser. This changelog doesn't list any explicit security features, but it's still a good idea to stay current on Edge versions. If a security update is needed down the road, it will probably be quicker and easier to update the newest build instead of an older one.

The new Microsoft's Edge Dev Build is rolling out to most users right away. The exception is the MacOs version. It will come later but will still bring improvements. If your machines don't get prompted to update, the process can be manually started in the Edge browser's menu.

Migrating to Edge

With each new release of Edge, Microsoft is getting closer to ending support for Internet Explorer. Every enterprise needs to make sure that all team members are on a secure browser such as Edge and have stopped relying on Internet Explorer for regular work needs.

If your workers are still using the older browser, they may be hesitant to move because of the change in systems and the need for stored data. Cloudficient is a data migration specialist, so our team can help you preserve any important information associated with the company's use of Internet Explorer or any other legacy system. This takes the frustration out of upgrading to newer and better systems.

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Making the Most of Microsoft's Edge Dev Build With Cloudficient

As your company makes the move to Microsoft's Edge Dev Build update and the new releases to come in the future, updates don't have to be a hassle. Your team can enjoy new features and better functionality, and Cloudficient can keep data accessible and secure through every change. To find the right solutions for your company or see if it's time to move away from older systems and embrace something new, schedule a talkwith Cloudficient today.

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