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4 Things To Know About the New Microsoft Office Preview Update

The Microsoft Office Suite is one of many businesses' most essential sets of programs. They allow companies to complete ...

The Microsoft Office Suite is one of many businesses' most essential sets of programs. They allow companies to complete tasks in a standard and interchangeable way while maintaining connectivity and security. Of course, the apps get frequent updates to fix bugs and improve performance. Take a look at what's in the latest Microsoft Office Preview update.

Portrait of a happy casual businesswoman in sweater sitting at her workplace in office-1Fixes in the New Microsoft Office Preview

The early August 2022 update put a big focus on making fixes throughout Microsoft Office. When these updates are fully rolled out, users will hopefully notice better performance and fewer bugs. There are some notable things for you to check out.

1. Outlook-Edge Open in Browser Glitch

In an important fix, the new Microsoft Office Preview offers a correction to an issue involving both Outlook and the Edge browser. Many users reported getting error messages when trying to use this feature recently, leaving them frustrated and reducing productivity.

Users have proposed different potential causes for this problem, including errors from Windows system updates and incorrect default browser settings. The suggested solutions vary from simply resetting a few settings in Outlook and Edge to using the terminal to use commands to rebuild certain protocols.

However, those "fixes" aren't practical for large enterprises since they require individual attention to each machine and may be beyond the technical capabilities of some staff members. Also, terminal commands could undermine company security if misused. An update from Microsoft Office is a much better solution.

2. Unexpected Closures

The new Microsoft Office Preview also offers fixes for different unexpected closures throughout the suite of programs. One addresses a problem where Outlook closes when using the "Search People" box. Correcting this will improve workflows and make it easier for large, multi-department organizations to easily connect.

Another closure problem involved Skype for Business. When users try to expand a group, they may run into an unexpected error and the program would close. This update should stop this bug.

3. Missing Excel Contents

Excel received attention in the new Microsoft Office Preview. Developers took care of a display problem in the program. When zooming to sizes that are above a certain percentage, the program may lose content in certain cells. The update will aim to correct that. Users will be able to easily get closer looks at their spreadsheets and data when needed.

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4. Access Cache Errors

In Access, Microsoft is addressing cache issues. Older versions may have a bug that causes the "Clean cache" option to not work as expected. When using the tool that is meant to clean the cache on closing a database, some information remained for some users.

By offering an update to fix this problem, the Microsoft Office Preview makes a big investment in security. Clearing your cache is important to remove data that you may not want to be accessed anymore. It's also critical if you engage in any kind of testing and need a clean slate in your database with each test.

Making the Most of the Microsoft Office Preview Update

With each update to Microsoft Office comes new opportunities to improve security and functionality. The improvements in the latest Microsoft Office Preview will keep everyone working efficiently and making the best use of Office.

The changes build on previous updates that featured changes such as a new rating system for polls in Microsoft Teams and new functions to make it easier to locate documents within your system. They all integrate well with cloud storage for greater flexibility.

By having an efficient setup, companies can protect themselves from cyber threats, even among a wide network of workers. Cloudficient can find the right backup solution for your Microsoft Office ecosystem. With ransomware and malware creators targeting cloud services that have a large number of users, a quality backup should be an important part of your security plan.

Taking a Broader Look at Your Company's Needs

Integrating the upcoming Microsoft Office Preview improvements with your current operation is only the first step to making sure your organization stays ahead of the curve when it comes to connected technology needs. Every part of your network should work together, from individual users to the company's cloud storage. Working with Cloudficient to streamline the process of onboarding a large number of workers to your new Office system or to enhance compliance across the network takes a big load off your plate.

Cloudficient can also help you take control of the life of your data. In every company, some information needs to be retained for indefinite amounts of time, while other data needs to expire on a specific date. Take control of that process with the right tools and services. Being proactive in this process also prevents unplanned data loss that may be associated with a Microsoft Office update.

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Creating a Plan With Cloudficient

The Microsoft Office Preview Update brings a lot of welcome improvements and helpful features that will be a big benefit to your team. However, it may also bring unexpected changes or even the potential for new bugs or glitches. 

Don't navigate these changes alone. Cloudficient has the experience to protect your enterprise thanks to expert migration technology that can handle legacy systems with ease. We can scale services to the needs of different clients, offering solutions that are also affordable. Make the move to learn more about the ways Cloudficient can protect your interests now and in the future. To explore our products and services, contact us today.

With unmatched next generation migration technology, Cloudficient is revolutionizing the way businesses retire legacy systems and transform their organization into the cloud. Our business constantly remains focused on client needs and creating product offerings that match them. We provide affordable services that are scalable, fast and seamless.  

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