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Save Files to OneDrive From Mobile With Microsoft Edge Update

More than ever, people need to quickly move and share files created on different devices and in different locations. ...

More than ever, people need to quickly move and share files created on different devices and in different locations. Cloud computing has been a big part of the answer to this, but there have still been obstacles for users on certain systems. Now Microsoft is trying to make things easier. With the latest Microsoft Edge update, mobile users can now save files to OneDrive. It's a change that could increase productivity for a lot of individuals and organizations.

unsplash - stock - edge update-2Understanding the Latest Microsoft Edge Update

According to the Microsoft team, this major change for Edge came as a response to the needs of users. For a while, people have wanted a way to easily download and access files from Edge on their mobile devices. However, there were concerns about making sure there would be no data leakage or security concerns.

Some enterprise-level customers blocked the ability to save downloads if a user didn't have local device storage, meaning people couldn't save their files to cloud solutions. Microsoft has solved this inconvenience by allowing a direct save option from Edge to OneDrive in the latest software update. Users get the ease of being able to save and access files simply, while organizations get the assurance that data is protected by the security that comes with OneDrive.

Saving files in this method is as secure as all other activities on the Edge mobile browser. It involves sharing very limited browser data, and that sharing only happens with other protected Microsoft 365 apps.

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Benefits of Saving Files to OneDrive

This update offers a lot of new opportunities for many companies. It makes sense for companies to maintain a high bar for security, given the risks that come with lapses and breaches. However, that emphasis on preventing information from getting out can restrict file sharing and prevent teams from finding the best ways to get things done, especially as more of the world works remotely or on the go.

Gaining the ability to directly save files from Edge to OneDrive on mobile also improves overall security and protects data. Workers no longer need to download files to local devices that may not always be secured. They also won't need to use any third-party programs to transfer data to the cloud environments where they need them. By using the Microsoft Edge update, you can reduce the chances of data theft or abuse.

Using the New Features

When you are ready to make the move and start using these new features for your team, there are a few things you need to do. Start by keeping in mind that this upgrade is for enterprise users at this time. If you qualify, there are a few steps:

  • Have users log in to Edge on mobile with their Azure AD credentials. If you have anyone on your team who needs to use these features but doesn't have up-to-date Azure AD accounts, this is a good time to clear that up, since it will be necessary for getting the most functionality out of the Microsoft Edge update.
  • Adjust your Intune permissions. The added protection that has allowed for the ability to have direct downloads from Edge to OneDrive are enabled by the Microsoft Intune app governance policy. Current Intune administrators will need to assign the proper permissions to other users so the programs can work properly and securely.
  • Check all settings to make sure downloads to OneDrive aren't blocked. This may be the case if your company has previously blocked the ability to save organizational data. You'll need to uncheck this setting to allow the ability to save files.

As your team downloads the update, it is also a good idea to give data security training to the entire staff. Take the time to make sure everyone is aware of the current cybersecurity environment and the types of threats that are creating risks for businesses in your industry. Even increased security protocols can't overcome human error, which is how most security breaches happen.

Other Features Users Still Want

This recent development will be a huge help for many workers looking for the most streamlined way to store, access and share files in a way that complies with their company security requirements. Even as more people embrace it, though, there are still some other features people want to see Microsoft add to the mobile Edge browser and to OneDrive.

There is an active call for the company to add the ability to watch and view content in Edge without any need for downloads at all. This would improve productivity by making it quicker to review files and information that is shared while further reducing the security risks that come with storing downloaded files.

Some users also want to see better extension support on the browser, improved ad blocking, support for multiple profiles and more updates. In short, while the latest upgrade is likely to be well received, there is still room to improve the overall experience. We'll keep watching to see what Microsoft does.

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Get the Microsoft Edge Update and Start Saving to OneDrive

It's always helpful when popular productivity tools get improvements to make them more useful to modern businesses, and that's what Microsoft is doing with this latest Microsoft Edge update. The changes make it easier to do work and collaborate on the go, which is better for companies. To see more ways upgraded Microsoft systems could be a benefit for you, reach out to our team at Cloudficient today.

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