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5 Reasons To Use a Wiki on Microsoft Teams

Whether you currently use Microsoft Teams or not, you likely think of the platform as being primarily a chat and video ...

Whether you currently use Microsoft Teams or not, you likely think of the platform as being primarily a chat and video conferencing tool. However, in reality, it has significantly more functionality. One example of this is the Microsoft Teams wiki feature. Using this, you can create one or more wiki sites for your team to use to share information.

A wiki is a type of collaboratively maintained information database. Most people are familiar with Wikipedia. However, there are many other wiki platforms and implementations. For organizations that use Microsoft Teams, the built-in wiki feature is a great option.

1. Microsoft Teams Wiki Is a Fast and Easy Way To Capture and Share Knowledge

5 Reasons To Use a Wiki on Microsoft TeamsUsing the Microsoft Teams wiki, anyone can learn to quickly contribute knowledge, make edits and share with the rest of the team. Wikis rely on HTML, but most (including the Teams feature) have built-in editors that make inputting markup easy, even if you don’t know anything about programming.

You can get started simply by creating a wiki tab for the channel. Then, the team can make changes as needed. For example, a software development team may use the wiki to manage documentation. Alternatively, an HR team may use it to capture information about the onboarding process. Any time your organization needs to keep track of some knowledge, this is an easy way to do so.

2. The Functionality Is Built Into Office 365

Better yet, the functionality is included with any Office 365 subscription that includes Teams. Therefore, chances are that your organization already has access to the wiki feature if you are using 365. If you aren’t currently using Office 365, you can get started easily by migrating to the Microsoft Cloud.

Furthermore, your team doesn’t need to switch over to yet another piece of software to use the wiki. Instead, simply add a tab to the current Teams channel. Whether you want to capture some short-term process information for a project or want to maintain long-term documentation, the Microsoft Teams wiki makes it easy.

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3. Wikis Distribute the Knowledge Management Work

One of the key challenges of knowledge management is that it is difficult to centralize. There is a lot of work involved in maintaining knowledge documentation, and no single person has access to all of a team’s knowledge. Therefore, a wiki is an excellent solution. It allows that work to be distributed throughout a group. Everyone can contribute and make updates as necessary.

Thus, if someone knows a unique detail about how processes are implemented at your organization, he or she can simply add that information. Someone from the accounts receivable team could add information about tricks for getting timely payments from customers, for example. Similarly, the full product development team can add information about the latest release, rather than delegating the job to one or a few people.

4. The Microsoft Teams Wiki Is Simple and Familiar for Everyone

The basics of the Microsoft Teams wiki are extremely easy to pick up. Anyone who has ever authorized a document in Office 365 will immediately be able to get started. It shares the same design language with other Microsoft products. Plus, the editing tools are straightforward and familiar for most computer users.

Therefore, if you have someone new join the team, there will be minimal learning time necessary to master the wiki. This makes it great for knowledge sharing during onboarding.

5. Wikis Help Link Ideas in Your Database

One of the key features of wikis is hyperlinking. While this is nothing special (hyperlinking is prevalent in all of the web and beyond), it is especially useful in this context. It helps you to connect ideas in your database. For example, if you are using the wiki for product documentation, you can have an overview page that links to other sections of the wiki with additional details about the specifics.

Plus, you can pull the wiki into your chats. This makes it easy to collaborate on the wiki itself or to bring an idea from it into a related discussion.

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Discover the Power of Microsoft Teams Wiki

The Microsoft Teams wiki feature is a powerful tool that can make knowledge management for teams easier. It is yet another example of the value offered by the Microsoft Cloud. If you want to start harnessing the value of Office 365, consider migrating your systems. Cloudficient can help you plan and execute this process with our migration services and technology. Learn more and get started today by contacting us.

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