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4 Apps To Help You Collaborate With Microsoft Teams

Businesses worldwide are increasingly using Office 365 and other online tools to work together even when some or all of ...

Businesses worldwide are increasingly using Office 365 and other online tools to work together even when some or all of their personnel are working remotely. If your group likes to collaborate with Microsoft Teams, you can take advantage of a variety of apps that integrate with the platform. The following are four of the best examples of this.

1. Use Dynamics 365 To Collaborate on Data

4 Apps To Help You Collaborate With Microsoft TeamsMicrosoft Dynamics 365 is a set of business applications that help teams like yours to make more intelligent decisions and improve their operations in marketing, sales, finance, operations, HR and more. As a Microsoft product, Dynamics 365 integrates smoothly with Microsoft teams. Anytime you need to discuss your business operations or data collected from core applications, you can quickly bring them into your collaborative space.

Your Dynamics 365 records can be pulled right into chats and meetings. If you need to talk about a customer record, for example, all the latest notes and data can be shown directly in the chat channel. Depending on your permissions configuration, the embedded records can be actively updated in the chat.

2. Leverage Power Platform To Solve Problems With Custom Solutions

Sometimes you have a problem that can’t be solved with an off-the-shelf solution. However, not every team has access to developers or the time and budget necessary to build out a completely bespoke piece of software. For these situations, Microsoft offers Power Platform, a low-code, no-code development system.

This is a great way to create custom business applications. Using this method, you can address an impressive number of common requirements in the business world. You can easily collaborate on Power Platform (or Visual Studio, if you prefer coding custom solutions) using Microsoft teams.

3. Apply Azure Communication Services To Collaborate With Microsoft Teams in Custom Apps

If you want to use Microsoft Teams for collaboration outside of the app, you can use many of the same tools by applying Azure Communication Services in custom applications. ACS is the same secure communication platform used by Teams. Thus, it can interact with Teams clients.

Many businesses, especially larger enterprises, want to unify their communication solutions with their custom, in-house applications. ACS is the perfect way to achieve this. The result is a powerful set of tools for collaboration that can easily interact with existing off-the-shelf solutions from Microsoft. Thus, your team isn’t walling itself in by building a custom application.

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4. Explore the Teams App Store To Find Even More Integrations

Many popular business applications already have integration points with Microsoft Teams. If your team is like most, you are using the Office 365 suite and other business applications from major software brands. By integrating them, you can easily pass data between them to make collaboration easier.

In the Teams Apps Store, you can find a wide variety of applications that work with Teams. The following are a few popular examples.


Many SAP products, such as SAP Sales and Service Core, have integration options to collaborate with Microsoft Teams. SAP is one of the most widely used brands for operations and customer relationship software. Using Teams, you can set up meetings without leaving your SAP apps. Plus, when meeting with customers, for example, you can pull in relevant data and insights from SAP.


Similarly, Salesforce can work with Teams. You can set up and launch Microsoft Teams meetings to connect with customers in your Salesforce database. Plus, you can quickly access your customer records from the Teams app.


Atlassian makes a variety of products that help with software development, operations management and other technology-driven business functions. Many teams use Atlassian to help them collaborate and keep track of their work. By integrating with Teams, you can more easily keep everyone in the loop.


With Adobe Creative Cloud and other products, you can create content using world-class tools. Whether you need to discuss an in-process piece of work or show off your latest work, pulling your assets directly into Teams makes it easier.

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