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Enhance Your Company Collaboration With Microsoft Loop

In the past few years, Microsoft has truly outdone itself. It has created a strong arsenal of tools that companies can ...

In the past few years, Microsoft has truly outdone itself. It has created a strong arsenal of tools that companies can use to improve collaboration and productivity. Collaborative tools have become especially critical as companies adjust to a long-term hybrid work model. This trend has increased interest in Microsoft Loop and other collaborative apps.

What Is Microsoft Loop?

team of successful business people having a meeting in executive sunlit office-3This online platform enables companies to collaborate and communicate more effectively. It offers a variety of features that make it easy for businesses to connect, share files, and communicate in real-time.

What Are the 3 Main Elements of Microsoft Loop?

Loop provides increased flexibility for managers and the teams they manage. To accomplish this, Microsoft spreads the features out across three essential elements:

  • Loop Components: Components introduced the ability to manage file types. These include anything from an incident report to a graph, and Microsoft continues to add more to the list. Components expand the collaborative capabilities of the platform. Microsoft describes them as units of productivity.
  • Loop Pages: Pages make it easier for workers to organize the individual components on their to-do lists. This function creates a central location to keep track of the current task tackled. Employees can also track other team members' inputs.
  • Loop Workspaces: This is a larger-scale version of Loop Pages. It makes it easier to track and organize all the projects your team is currently working on. Members of that team can add to the project individually or work concurrently.

How Can Employees Use Microsoft Loop Components?

Components form the core tools of Loop. These media types are the puzzle pieces that fit together to create a complete project. Employees can use any of these four Loop functions to improve collaborative efforts.


To avoid spending valuable time tackling the wrong tasks, you can create topics for future meetings and get feedback. Workers can even generate topics for a team event without tracking progress in long email chains and chat messages.


When using Microsoft Loop, you no longer need to create an entire document from scratch. Instead, start working and invite other team members to join in. They can add their input or make edits in real-time.

Status Report

Whether your team collaborates in real-time or on different work schedules and time zones, keeping track of progress can become a challenge. Loop makes it easy to track each deliverable, so you know exactly what is due and when, who is responsible and what progress they have made so far.

Mini Breakout Room

When collaborating, conversations sometimes go off on a tangent. This is especially likely in competitive teams or when workers disagree. Mini breakout rooms provide a safe space for these side conversations. This feature allows the main discussion to continue without hindrance or distraction.

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How Can Microsoft Loop Improve Collaborative Efforts?

If you already use Microsoft Teams, you might feel reluctant to switch. If you're currently considering both platforms, you might wonder why you should choose this over Teams. Managers and the media speculate that Loop might eventually integrate into Teams or replace it because it offers more comprehensive features. Consider these benefits.

Streamlining of Information

Most other collaborative forums tend to create space to have conversations about the project instead of completing the actual project. Microsoft Loop components make it easier for workers to collaborate on the project and move things forward without lengthy chatter.

Timeline Flexibility

Moving to remote and hybrid work allows companies to hire workers all across the country or worldwide. It also makes it possible for workers to move to their preferred regions. Loop makes it easier to account for this by supporting both asynchronous and synchronous collaboration. The status reports also make it easy to determine what's next on the to-do list for the day.

Strong Cybersecurity

If you haven't invested in Microsoft Office 365, you could be relying on fragmented systems to complete collaborative work. Examples include Dropbox, Slack and email. These can work for small teams, but large corporations need centralized communication tools and better capability. Centralizing this into Microsoft's zero-trust network also reduces potential breach points.

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How Cloudficient Can Help You Get Started With Microsoft Loop

Loop is only available for enterprises using Office 365. You will not have access if you have not yet migrated to the cloud or a centralized cloud system. As a large corporation, you might worry about the cost and potential disruption. Our Cloudficient migration specialists have successfully transitioned businesses with 1,000 users or more.

Are you ready to see first hand what Microsoft Loop and other cloud features can do for your business? It starts with a quick and easy quote from Cloudficient. Contact us to get started.

With unmatched next generation migration technology, Cloudficient is revolutionizing the way businesses retire legacy systems and transform their organization into the cloud. Our business constantly remains focused on client needs and creating product offerings that match them. We provide affordable services that are scalable, fast and seamless.

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