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How Microsoft Loop Components Keep Employees in Sync

Microsoft Loop is a set of tools that help employees stay in sync with each other. It includes several features that ...

Microsoft Loop is a set of tools that help employees stay in sync with each other. It includes several features that make it easy for employees to share information and collaborate on projects. Loop has been a valuable resource for many organizations, improving employee communication and collaboration, making it an indispensable tool for hybrid workforces. How does it achieve this?

Businessman showing computer screen to coworkers in creative office-1Microsoft Loop Strengthens Existing Tools

Loop improves the capabilities already offered by Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams. One way it accomplishes this is by making it easier to achieve collaboration on a smaller scale. Loop components can move between these different areas of the Microsoft ecosystem and develop into full-fleshed ideas as employees work on them along the way.

Loop Components Enrich the Collaboration Experience

Loop components change the way your team collaborates in Outlook and Teams. Teams received the components first, and others will soon come to Outlook. This is the current offering:

  • Numbered List: Employees use numbered lists to create order or prioritize items.
  • Bulleted list: Bulleted lists make it easier to brainstorm before organizing data.
  • Paragraph: Paragraphs make it easier for workers to explain their thoughts fully.
  • Checklist: Checklists can either provide reminders of preliminary tasks or detail the project management plan.
  • Task list: Tasks help each teammate determine what they need to accomplish and when.
  • Table: Tables make it easier to organize information visually.

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Microsoft Loop Facilitates a Better Hybrid Workforce

Microsoft designed Loop to keep employees connected and ensure effective collaboration. The service provides several features that make it easy for employees to share information and work on projects together.

Loop is especially beneficial for hybrid workplaces. It accounts for different time zones, locations and work schedules. This makes it easy for employees to stay connected and work together, regardless of location. Loop accomplishes this by providing tools that help employees stay in sync with each other.

Microsoft Loop Simplifies Task Assignments and Work Processes

Managers can use Loop to streamline creating tasks and assignments for workers. It can also illustrate the steps each worker should take and when. This creates order for the work process, so each person knows what to do and when.

Teams that are spread out and operating in different time zones are likely to find this especially useful. It reduces the need for workers to chase down managers who might have varying availability to determine what they need to accomplish for the day or week.

The Auto-Sync Feature Reduces Unnecessary Communication

Communication is an essential part of doing business, but inefficient communication can actually get in the way of operations. Just think of how much time you spend catching up with emails after returning to work on Monday or when working on team projects. Email is a great way to communicate, but it is not always the most efficient, and chat apps don't resolve all of its issues.

With Loop, the auto-sync feature makes it easy to determine the project's status. It frees up your email so you can reserve this space to handle more complex issues requiring some back and forth. This feature is beneficial if a project is not part of the usual work schedule.

Office 365 Backup CTAMicrosoft Loop Facilitates Flexibility

Over the past two years, companies have learned the importance of flexibility and agility. With each new challenge that emerges, companies must be able to pivot on a dime. For example, companies might need to increase or decrease the number of workers in the office. Loop is one of several tools from Microsoft that makes it possible to achieve this without disrupting the work process.

Cloud Migration Unlocks Microsoft Loop

Since the launch of Microsoft Loops, several managers have reached out to the company to request an increase in the level of integration. Requests have included integration with Channels and Meeting Chats to expand Loop’s collaborative capabilities. Some managers have also asked to add forms to the Loop components.

Microsoft has not yet confirmed whether it will expand its current offerings to include these features. Even so, its culture of listening to feedback and harnessing it to improve its product implies that it might.

Regardless of future updates, organizations will need Microsoft 365 to access Loop's best features. Cloudficient has helped countless organizations, including those with 5,000 or more end users, upgrade to the cloud. Our cloud migration specialists work closely with our clients to create a strategy for a seamless transition. Are you ready to get started so you can unlock Microsoft Loop and the rest of this software ecosystem? Contact us to get started.

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