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Microsoft and Cisco Award Long View Systems for Sustainability

First entering the market in 1999, Long View Systems helps businesses leverage technology to modernize infrastructures ...

First entering the market in 1999, Long View Systems helps businesses leverage technology to modernize infrastructures and optimize processes. Over the past few years, the company has racked up an impressive list of awards and recognitions, such as making the list of Best Places to Work 2022 on Glassdoor. Now, Microsoft and Cisco have recognized the company for its sustainability efforts.

Long View Systems Winning Sustainability Awards

Green planet earth with solar energy batteries, panels installed on it. Sustainable source of electricity, power supply concept. Eco, environmentally friendly technology approachMicrosoft hosted the Impact Awards to call attention to Canadian business partners who have created impressive solutions to complex problems. Eligible candidates had less than a month to submit their entries for consideration. Microsoft allowed candidates to submit videos, written documents and text explanations for the technologies they created.

Long View Systems had a terrific run during the awards. In addition to winning the Sustainability Changemaker Award, it was also a finalist for two others, the Enterprise Impact Award and the National Large Solution Provider Impact Award.

Microsoft named the winners during the digital Microsoft Inspire event at the Canadian Regional Keynote. Partners have also benefited from increased publicity sponsored by Microsoft. This will undoubtedly help Long View and other companies attract more customers.

Long View Systems also won Cisco's Digital Sustainability Challenge 2022. To win the award, candidates had to meet three main criteria:

  1. Illustrate measurable impact on tackling environmental concerns
  2. Showcase innovation that facilitates faster adoption rates
  3. Demonstrate the power of collaborative efforts

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Long View Systems as a Sustainability Changemaker

Long View initially announced on July 7, 2022, that it won the 2022 Microsoft Canada Sustainability Changemaker Impact Award. Since then, several news agencies have reported on the accomplishment. The company's reason for winning has also gained attention.

According to media reports, the company invested heavily in machine learning solutions to help government agencies protect oceans from overfishing. The company also created technology that helps government agencies address the environmental and socio-economic impacts of floods, such as the ones devastating Pakistan.

The CEO reported that the projects reflect the company's long view on shifting focus toward sustainability. He believes this long-term approach and vision can help preserve the world's natural resources for another hundred years or more.

The Machine Learning Solution Created By Long View Systems

The company reports that the project initially began as an effort to modernize business-critical systems. Long View aimed to create scalable and repeatable AI solutions that could serve companies across various industries. The applications of this project furthered sustainability efforts.

Sustainable Fishing

In one case, the company worked with a fishing company that had prioritized sustainability efforts for its 110-year history. The company hoped to leverage technology to forecast more accurate yields. This information would help the company set better quotas that also coincide with its sustainability goals.

The algorithm reviewed biological diversity, catch data and abundance. It required several data retrieval systems to make this possible, such as drones, satellites and underwater devices.

Flood Prediction

For the second project, Long View Systems worked with a local government agency to create better systems for predicting floods. Local authorities could then use this information to optimize their responses to flood disasters. The system can generate flood data in real-time so that officials can continue monitoring events' progression and communicate information and recommendations to the public.

The Impacts of Preventing Overfishing

Overfishing refers to removing particular species from water bodies faster than they can procreate. This commonly happens when fishermen use techniques that lead to catching unwanted aquatic life, such as fish that are too young to sell or eat. There are several benefits to preventing this problem.

Helps Maintain Biodiversity

The depletion of certain species can have a ripple effect on the rest of the ecosystem. People can help maintain biodiversity in oceans and waterways by preventing overfishing.

Preserves Marine Ecosystems

Fish play a critical role in the health of aquatic ecosystems. They help keep the water clean and free of debris. They also provide food for other animals. When overfishing occurs, it can disrupt the delicate balance of the ecosystem, which can lead to long-term damage.

Protects Fishing as a Livelihood

More than 58 million people worldwide, such as Long View Systems’ client, rely on fishing for income. Immediate family members and the communities they serve also depend on them. Sustainable fishing practices play a critical role in the survival of this industry.

Maintains Marine Diversity

Sustainable fishing practices are the only way to maintain the natural diversity of marine life. This means not catching more fish than can be replaced, especially endangered species. Doing this can help ensure fish populations remain healthy and stable.

The Impacts of Flood Detection

Early detection of floods can mean the difference between minor casualties and devastating loss of life. While flood detection cannot prevent floods, the data yields insights government agencies can use to reduce the risk of floods over time.

Early detection of floods can also help reduce property damage. Floods can damage roads, bridges and other infrastructure. Some cities have the infrastructure to address these issues but need early detection to enforce them before floods cause damage. As well, when people have time to prepare, they can also move valuable belongings to safety or take steps to protect their property.

How To Access Tech From Companies Like Long View Systems

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