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Windows 365 Cloud PC: The Ultimate Hybrid Work Experience

When businesses first made a mass movement towards remote work, economists thought this new style of work was here to ...

When businesses first made a mass movement towards remote work, economists thought this new style of work was here to stay. They were only half right. Over the past year, employees and businesses alike have overwhelmingly embraced hybrid work. This manifests as some employees working remotely and some working from the office or some employees doing both. Microsoft created the Windows 365 Cloud PC to facilitate the ultimate hybrid work experience for companies around the world.

How the New Hybrid Workforce Evolved

Windows-365-Cloud-PC-The-Ultimate-Hybrid-Work-ExperienceOrganizations are starting to discover their new normal, and it’s a lot more complex than people first envisioned. Hybrid work styles force companies to grapple with more moving parts and more variable schedules, but it provides a level of flexibility they would not otherwise enjoy. 

Several factors compelled companies to follow up a mass exodus out of workspaces with a hybrid work model, instead of a mass return to the office space. These are the most crucial elements:


Starting in 2020, businesses have experienced unpredictable shutdowns and tentative reopening's. While local governments struggle to craft appropriate responses to changing situations, many businesses have been finding agility has become a more desirable trait. A hybrid workforce makes it possible to transition in and out of lockdowns with ease.


Before 2020, working remotely was a well-sought-after perk. While it certainly still is, many of the people who worked fully remote found that they miss the social element of the office. After months of being cooped up at home, they are ready to return to the office and mingle with co-workers, even if it is only for a few days per week. Hybrid workplaces make it easy to facilitate this tentative return.


Some businesses can operate fully remote, but many companies have some operations that need to be completed in person. Examples include retail stores, mechanic shops and banks. In some cases, customers might also prefer to be served in person even when it is possible to get service from a distance, such as eating inside a restaurant instead of ordering takeout.

How the Windows 365 Cloud PC Facilitates Hybrid Work

Hybrid work is not without its difficulties. One of the most crucial considerations is the fragmentation of work across devices. Upgrading to cloud computing resolves many of these issues, but it does still leave gaps that the Windows 365 Cloud PC aims to close. 

Cloud PC is a virtual desktop that mirrors the Windows 10 or Windows 11 available in the office, so workers have the same experience when working remotely as they would at their desks. This creates a seamless transition from workspace to workspace. Microsoft creates this seamless experience by streaming the operating system onto other devices.

One of the most impressive features of this experience is that it remains consistent across operating systems. So, whether you own a Mac, Chromebook or Windows PC, the experience is the same. This is especially important for companies that transitioned to remote work via the BYOD approach.

How the Windows 365 Cloud PC Benefits Organizations

Embracing new technology is always a nerve-wracking experience. While it can bring exciting changes to a business, it can also create new hiccups or new vulnerabilities. These are the two top concerns business owners may have and how Microsoft has addressed them.


Cyberattacks have increasingly made business owners nervous about migrating their businesses to the cloud, despite its many benefits. Microsoft is equally concerned about data security and has included built-in encryption in the following ways:

  • Encryption of all network traffic involving the Cloud PC
  • Encryption of managed disks running Cloud PCs
  • Encryption of data when at rest or not in use

Ease of Use

New technology can transform the way you do business, but only when you can get employees on board. Training employees to use new technology can take weeks. However, because the Cloud PC is an extension of the Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC in the office, there is a much shorter learning curve.

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How To Migrate to the Windows 365 Cloud

Currently, no other company offers a Cloud PC that provides seamless transitions across devices and operating systems. This makes Microsoft’s product offering your best bet for creating the perfect hybrid work experience.

To access Windows 365 Cloud PC and other key features when they become available later this year, you first need to migrate to the cloud. If you haven’t already done so, our experienced migration specialists can ensure an easy transition to the cloud. Get your quote today.

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