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What You Need to Know about Microsoft Mesh for Teams

Work as we know it has likely changed forever. The processes and infrastructure behind work methods are largely ...

Work as we know it has likely changed forever. The processes and infrastructure behind work methods are largely responsible for this. One current driving factor is the metaverse. This word has been making its rounds on the internet and may have even prompted Facebook to change its company name. Like many other people, you’re probably wondering what it is and what it has to do with Microsoft Mesh.

What Is the Metaverse?

What You Need to Know about Microsoft Mesh for TeamsThe metaverse is a digital space that turns the internet into a virtual place people can explore through digital avatars. Instead of simply watching a conference video online, for example, people can attend the meeting as their virtual selves. In the near future, software developers intend to populate the metaverse with holograms of people. For the present, the metaverse provides access to avatars that people can create.

What Is Microsoft Mesh for Teams?

Mesh for Teams is Microsoft’s answer to the metaverse — at least, its corner of the metaverse. It piggybacks on existing features, such as the Presenter Mode and Together Mode. To begin, employees need a Microsoft Teams account. They then create digital avatars that will serve as their digital representations in virtual spaces.

Meeting managers can determine which digital space to hold meetings in. These include conference rooms or even parks. Over time, Microsoft hopes to expand the digital spaces it offers in the metaverse. In the interim, the company opted to make Mesh available on smartphones, laptops and mixed-reality headsets.

What Do You Need To Know About Microsoft Mesh?

Before you get started with Microsoft Mesh, there are a few things you should know. These facts cover its current capabilities, which will likely improve in the near future.

Microsoft Built It on Azure

Microsoft leveraged a lot of its existing products to create Mesh. The biggest contribution comes from Microsoft Azure, which is the platform Microsoft built its metaverse on. This makes it easier for developers to build even more metaverse universes for workers to use.

Mesh Integrates With Apps

So far, Microsoft confirmed that two of its apps work well with Microsoft Mesh. This includes AltspaceVR and HaloLens 2 Mesh app. The tech company has committed to expanding its offerings, so the metaverse can extend to even more functions of the remote or hybrid office space.

It Has Multi-OS Support

Microsoft has made the big decision to support more than just Windows devices. Its multi-device support extends to Apple and Android devices. However, how well individual devices perform depends on processors and other specs.

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Why Should You Invest in Microsoft Mesh?

You likely have a limited budget to invest in new technology. Here are five reasons why you should bump Mesh up on your list.

1. Engagement

Employees enjoy working remotely, but many also miss each other. Over time, it can become increasingly difficult to stay engaged and maintain the connections with co-workers that make teamwork possible. The metaverse aims to change this by creating an immersive environment.

2. Communication

What people say is only part of the communication puzzle. The full meaning includes how they say it and the body language that accompanies the words. When people have to turn off their cameras, it disrupts this. Using avatars can alleviate this problem, especially as Microsoft perfects avatar mirroring.

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3. Expression

Avatars provide the perfect opportunity for workers to enjoy a little artistic freedom. However, it’s a good idea to encourage employees to create recognizable avatars of themselves. This reduces confusion when workers are in the metaverse and makes it easier to identify each other.

4. Retention

When employees are engaged, communicate well and have room for some artistic freedom, job satisfaction increases. This, in turn, improves retention. Considering the high rates and high cost of turnover over the past year or two, most companies could use a boost in retention.

5. Innovation

Technology powers every competitive organization around the world. The metaverse is expanding and industry experts predict that it’s here to stay. Get ahead of the curve to leverage this for collaborative experiences your competitors could only dream of.

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How Can Cloudficient Help You Access Microsoft Mesh?

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