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What Is Microsoft Nuance?

As you may have heard, Microsoft recently acquired Nuance Communications Inc. Nuance is a leading AI-powered voice ...

As you may have heard, Microsoft recently acquired Nuance Communications Inc. Nuance is a leading AI-powered voice recognition software provider. The company developed technology to understand human speech and convert it into text with incredible accuracy. What does Microsoft Nuance mean for you and your business? Is it time to upgrade to the cloud?

Happy businesswoman showing blank laptop screen over gray background. Wearing in blue shirt and glasses. Looking at camera-1What Will Microsoft Use Nuance To Accomplish?

Microsoft acquired Nuance as part of its efforts to build AI for achieving specific outcomes for businesses in different industries. Achieving this will help organizations improve their productivity and financial performance by providing enhanced consumer, patient, clinician and employee experiences.

Retail, healthcare, finance and telecommunications are just some of the industries Microsoft believes can benefit from the technology. In fact, this list also represents Nuance's current customers. Currently, 85% of Fortune 100s, 19 of 20 top finance companies and 77% of U.S. hospitals already rely on Nuance.

Nuance has offered an impressive collection of features to its customers:

  • Biometric capabilities
  • Interactive voice responsive
  • Digital solutions
  • Virtual assistants

How Will Microsoft Nuance AI Benefit Your Business?

Whether you are in one of Microsoft's target industries or another field, advanced conversational AI capabilities can profoundly benefit your business in any number of ways.

Improved Bot Chats

You can use bots for customer service, but they often fall short of providing a natural conversational experience. With Nuance's technology, you can build bots that sound and act more like humans. More natural communication makes them more likely to keep customers engaged in conversations.

Improved Voice Recognition

Nuance's technology can help you build voice-activated applications that are more accurate and responsive. This is especially useful for hands-free tasks or when you need to capture data in noisy environments.

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Better Speech Analytics

If you rely on customer calls for business insights, Nuance's technology can help you transcribe and analyze those conversations accurately. This way, you can glean more insights from your customer interactions.

Get More Value From Virtual Assistants

You may already be using a virtual assistant like Cortana or Alexa. With this Microsoft Nuance technology, you can take your virtual assistant to the next level by adding voice biometrics and automatic transcription features.

Reduced Costs With Automated Customer Service

If you have a customer service team, you know that it can be costly to keep them staffed 24/7. With Nuance's technology, you can automate customer service tasks like answering common questions and routing calls. Automation can free up your team to handle more complex issues.

Better Scaling

Microsoft believes that its Cloud feature can significantly increase Nuance's agility and scalability. It can make Nuance more accessible and feasible for even more businesses worldwide.

Improved Self-Service

If you offer self-service options to your customers, Nuance's technology can help you make those experiences more natural and human-like. Better experiences can lead to higher customer satisfaction and increased adoption of your self-service options.

How Can You Get Microsoft Nuance for Your Business?

Not surprisingly, you may be eager to take the plunge and use Nuance to revolutionize your organization's customer or patient experience. Before doing this, you first need to migrate to the cloud. These are some of the steps you can follow to accomplish this.

Find the Right Migration Specialists

You'll want to find a team of specialists who have experience migrating organizations of your size to the cloud. Ask about their success rate and what kind of support they offer during and after the migration.

Get Your Data in Order

Before you can begin the migration process, you need to get your data in order. You may need to clean up any duplicate or outdated information. You'll also want to make sure you have a backup of your data, and consider backup of your data once your data migration has completed.

Choose the Right Cloud Migration Strategy

There are different ways to migrate to the cloud, so you'll need to choose the right strategy for your organization. Be sure to consider factors such as time, cost and capabilities. You also need to determine the best time to complete the process.

Choose the Right Cloud Products

Migrating to the cloud opens up a wide range of opportunities for your business. What products will you use to transform the customer experience or patient journey? Microsoft Nuance represents only one example. Consider your business goals and what other cloud products could help you achieve them.

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