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Everything You Need To Know About the Redesigned Office 365 Desktop Apps

Windows 11 is on the way, which means there’s also a massive redesign coming to Office 365 desktop apps. While the plan ...

Windows 11 is on the way, which means there’s also a massive redesign coming to Office 365 desktop apps. While the plan is to make the apps more compatible with the new operating system, they will still be supported by Windows 10 systems. From default fonts to new icons, Microsoft plans to make changes to all its core apps, which include OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel, Word and Outlook.

What’s Changing in Office 365 Desktop Apps?

Microsoft users have expressed mixed feelings about the upcoming changes. Some people dread the possibility of having to suffer through a new learning curve while they adjust to new changes. Others are looking forward to experiencing a new virtual work environment.

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Everything You Need To Know About the Redesigned Office 365 Desktop AppsNew Default Fonts

When Calibri replaced Times New Roman as the default font in 2007, it was a memorable time for Microsoft users. The company recently asked users to choose yet another replacement. It also added five new fonts to the lineup:

  • Grandview
  • Bierstadt
  • Seaford
  • Skeena
  • Tenorite

It intends to release and beta test these fonts over the next few months. Users can then submit feedback to Microsoft.

Office UI Redesign

Over the past few years, Microsoft users have submitted a wealth of feedback to the software giant. The company intends to use the most recent feedback to determine what UI changes to make. Microsoft also seems intent on focusing on functional requests, such as better fluidity and integration between Office 365 desktop apps. It has, however, also committed to ensuring the new user interface still feels familiar.

Neutral Palettes

Modern technology has changed the face of “neutral” online. Users are now ready to go beyond bright white, somber grey and pale blue. Consequently, Microsoft intends to expand its neutral palettes so workspaces are as customizable as Excel worksheets. Users will also have access to more traditional forms of neutral, such as dark gray, dark mode (black), white and colorful.

Hidden Quick Access

With more people working from home than ever, Microsoft has ramped up its efforts to create a distraction-free work zone. One way it plans to support this in the upcoming design is to remove the quick access toolbar from the screen for a less cluttered look. However, users can change the settings to keep the toolbar displayed if they prefer.

How Can You Test Office 365 Desktop Apps Before Release?

If you are a proactive business owner, you likely don’t want to wait for the new release to see what Microsoft has up its sleeve. Microsoft has a beta program known as the Office Insider Program or the Beta Channel.

How To Join

You can join the Office Insider program, regardless of the device you use. It supports iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. You do need to check your licensing information to determine whether you are eligible. Most people with subscriptions are eligible. Microsoft provides two beta levels to choose from.

Beta Channel

If you were previously part of the Insider Fast or Insider Channel, this is the new replacement. It allows users to test new features that are still in development and to provide feedback. Microsoft does note that there might be some risk involved because these features are not always stable.

Current Channel

If you are familiar with the Insider Slow or Monthly Channel, this is the replacement. It allows users to get early access to features that are further along in the development process and that are far more stable. These builds are fully supported and are released on a monthly basis.

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How To Provide Feedback

Microsoft usually has built-in options for submitting feedback via its insider programs. However, it also welcomes feedback via social media. The more buzz the company gets going about its new updates, the better its chances of getting into the public eye, ahead of its competitors. While marketing is a key reason behind its social media feedback requests, the developers do take online feedback seriously.

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