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Bing AI Now Has More Local Knowledge

ChatGPT took the content creation world by storm and revolutionized how companies view and organize their creative ...

ChatGPT took the content creation world by storm and revolutionized how companies view and organize their creative processes. Microsoft wisely seized the opportunity to leverage Chat GPT to boost its Bing AI search experience, and users love interacting with it. There was only one downside: ChatGPT base lacked localized knowledge due to no access to the internet and its use of programmed content that mainly involved knowledge from before 2021.

local knowledge-2What Is Bing AI?

This version of Microsoft's search engine is powered by natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Users can chat directly with Bing to get answers in a more conversational format. Bing describes itself as a machine that can chat with people to help them find solutions, summarize topics, and perform other requested tasks.

What Is Bing Local Grounding?

Microsoft released Bing AI in February 2023. Since then, users have flocked to the search engine to test out this new version of ChatGPT. It received overwhelmingly positive feedback, but users did have one big complaint. Bing needed to do a better job of providing localized results, so Microsoft sought solutions.

At the end of March, Microsoft released updates that tackled "near me" and other geo-based searches. Microsoft promised that Bing would do a better job of finding local businesses and solutions, such as a local restaurant or nearby dentist's office.

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How Does Local Grounding Work?

Bing AI can provide detailed, location-based responses. Here is its response to a query for the question, "What is the best seafood restaurant near me?" The writer was traveling in Ensenada, which Bing guessed correctly, despite saying it could not access the location.

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Why Are Localized Search Results So Important for Customers?

Customers and businesses rely on local search results for different reasons. The common thread is that localized answers connect one to the other in a shared location. Consider the following benefits for customers.


Relevance is a crucial criterion for judging the effectiveness of an answer to any question. If a woman in Atlanta has a toothache and needs to find a dentist for an emergency visit, learning about the best dentist's office in Dubai will not be helpful. She needs information about local dentist offices.


Localized search results make it easy for customers to find the businesses and services they seek without browsing through a long list of results. For example, there are hundreds of national parks in America, but someone looking for a place to camp does not want to look at all 400+ parks before finding two or three nearby.


Speed matters. Customers often navigate away from pages that take too long to load. Slow progress through results will lead to the same level of frustration. Localized results ensure that Bing AI meets the expectation of delivering quick results when they matter most.

Why Are Localized Search Results So Important for Businesses?

Marketers rely on these geo-tags to boost access to customers. Here's why it's so essential that Bing learns to read and recognize this information to deliver results for businesses.

Brand Visibility

Businesses want to be visible in local searches. For example, if the dentist in Atlanta appears when someone searches for a "dentist near me," it's more likely that person will book an appointment with them than if they have never seen the business before. It also helps build brand recognition and trust as users become increasingly familiar with the company.


Customers tend to trust those companies that top Bing AI lists more than those that don't. The tendency toward convenience also means that customers are more likely to choose from the first set of results or solutions than continue working through hundreds of results. Companies might not top the world’s lists on Bing, but they might top the list in their local communities.

Increased Sales

These benefits and more translate into higher revenue streams for businesses. Localized search results attract more customers and increase foot and online traffic sources. Generating more leads increases the likelihood of closing sales and bringing more money into the business.

How Can Companies Leverage the Power of Localized Searches?

Most companies have already taken steps to localize their online information. These are three of the easiest and most important steps for appearing in "near me" search results:

  • Optimize websites for local search. Add the address, phone number, and hours of operation on your website. Remember to account for holidays and other unusual hours. Use relevant keywords in the business descriptions and website. 
  • Get involved in your local community. Geo-tags don't all need to come from your website. If your business is associated with local events and other organizations, that signals your business location and level of prominence in the area.
  • Run local advertising campaigns. This could involve online advertising, print advertising, or even radio advertising. The goal is to reach potential customers in your area and inform them about your business. Ads complement organic search results.

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Is Cloud Migration Necessary To Use Bing AI?

Companies do not need to perform a cloud migration to use Bing AI. It is currently open to the public, and users can access it via the web or an app. However, Microsoft will likely expand this AI throughout its Microsoft 365 ecosystem, and companies that have not migrated to the cloud will be left behind.

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