Bing and ChatGPT: What We Know So Far

Since the successful launch of ChatGPT, other large tech companies have focused on building rivals. Now, both Google ...

Since the successful launch of ChatGPT, other large tech companies have focused on building rivals. Now, both Google and Microsoft have entered the game. Google might have had an excellent chance of emerging ahead of its competitors, but its botched Bard launch makes Microsoft a far more compelling rival. Here's what we know so far.

unsplash - stock - search engine chatgpt-2What Is ChatGPT?

This is a chatbot developed by OpenAI, a research laboratory founded by Elon Musk, Sam Altman and several other tech pioneers. The company released the chatbot in November 2022 with great success. It attracted the attention of the media, content creators and the technology industry. The chatbot is based on natural language processing technology, which allows it to communicate with users more naturally than traditional chatbots.

What Are Microsoft and Google Doing?

In reaction to the success of ChatGPT, both Microsoft and Google have launched their own chatbot platforms. Google created Bard and introduced it to the public in 2023. Unfortunately, the demo video contained a factual error. This was a huge blow to the company, which has carefully built its reputation as an online bank of trusted information.

Google is still reeling from the botched launch, gaining criticism from employees, the media and the general public. That cleared the way for Microsoft to test launch its Bing chatbot, which features GPT-4 capabilities.

How Does GPT-4 Differ From GPT-3.5?

ChatGPT boasts what its creators call GPT-3.5 technology. It has certainly shaken up the AI market but also brings shortcomings to the game. Now its competitors hope to fix those weaknesses in their own iterations of the project.

A top complaint is that OpenAI’s bot sometimes takes several minutes to produce an answer. People who have tested GPT-4 claim it works much faster and provides far more detailed and accurate answers. Users love the capabilities of the Bing bot search engine and its novel responses.

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For example, one user asked ChatGPT how to gain 25 lbs of muscle in 90 days. The bot responded with a plan and fitness routine. When posed with the same query, Bing warned that gaining 25 lbs in three months might not be healthy. It instead suggested that the user adjust his or her expectations and then it provided a healthier alternative.

What Positive Effects Will Chatbots Bring to Businesses?

Artificial intelligence can simplify work-life in several ways. Is it any wonder that so many companies worldwide are looking into potential applications of chatbots? Consider the following positives of doing so.

Faster Responses

Google has quietly experimented with its own chatbot for several years. While texting on an Android phone, the bot automatically suggests responses. In Gmail, it can suggest complete or partial sentences while composing emails. The Bing chatbot could make communication even easier and more intuitive.

Standardized Communication Models

You can simplify the process of creating standardized responses by using ChatGPT or Bing. For example, your accounts receivables team might use chatbots to create effective dunning notices that prompt customers to pay their invoices.

Additional Brainstorming Assistance

Chatbot technology can help brainstorm ideas during meetings and generate insights. It is surprising how the chatbot's AI algorithm can quickly identify problems and suggest potential solutions.

Reduced Time Doing Research

Online research takes time and can feel tedious, which makes it even easier to fall down far more exciting rabbit holes. Using chatbots to answer pressing questions or provide information can streamline this process.

What Potential Challenges Could Chatbots Introduce?

While most people have greeted the new chatbots with enthusiasm, others have responded with caution. Content marketers and fact-checkers have expressed particular concern about the kind of content these bots create and how people use them. Consider these challenges.

Reduced Search Engine Optimization Results

Previews of search engines with ChatGPT capabilities showcase bots responding directly to queries. That means that people may no longer need to click on links. This could significantly reduce the effectiveness of search engine optimization and content marketing. That change could cause a severe disruption in the digital marketing world.

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Potential Inaccuracy of Bot Responses

Content marketers testing bots have found that sometimes they will make up compelling but fictitious answers when they don't know how to respond. This could worsen an already uphill battle against the spread of disinformation and misinformation. Bots have long been implicated as a significant cause of this. A report published by the University of California Santa Barbara estimated that there were 140 million bot accounts on Facebook and 27 million on Twitter.

High Risk of Plagiarism

Creators of chatbot programs have recommended using them to create ads and handle other aspects of digital marketing. Content marketers have fought back, pointing to the fact that chatbots often plagiarize ― and not just other people's work on the internet but also themselves. Plagiarism could lead to copyright disputes, blacklisting by search engines and other consequences for business owners.

Do You Need To Migrate to the Cloud To Access ChatGPT or the Bing Chatbot?

Microsoft's big game plan is to make its Bing bot available to the general public via its search engine. CNBC estimates that if Bing can increase its share of the search engine market, it could translate to billions of dollars. Microsoft won't stem that flow of income by limiting access.

In the future, however, its ChatGPT rival bot could provide additional features to business accounts, which would require cloud migration to the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Are you ready to make the upgrade? Contact our migration specialists at Cloudficient for more information.

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