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8 New Updates That Just Made Microsoft 365 Even Better

Microsoft has held its position as a leader in the business software industry for decades. It has grown its business ...

Microsoft has held its position as a leader in the business software industry for decades. It has grown its business even more by investing heavily in improved cybersecurity and hybrid workforce capabilities. If you have not already migrated to the cloud, now is the time to get started with Microsoft 365.

1. Yammer: Receive Community Suggestions

Depositphotos_71739309_XLYammer is Microsoft's social networking platform for businesses. It uses machine learning to help Yammer suggest communities for workers to join. Suggestions come from previous content interactions and what other people in workers' feeds follow.

The new update to Yammer will help workers connect more efficiently. By relying on Microsoft 365 machine learning, Yammer can better understand worker interactions and suggest the most relevant communities for them to join. Improved suggestions help workers feel more connected and engaged with their peers.

2. Yammer: Reduce Manual Community Renewals

Microsoft introduced the ability to renew communities automatically. Admins no longer needed to review active communities to renew them manually. Microsoft determines active communities by those with posts, engagements and views. It even counts views from actionable emails.

This feature automatically reduces the time admins need to spend on community management. It frees them to tackle more important tasks, such as cybersecurity and infrastructure planning.

2. Yammer: Collaborate Globally and Remain Compliant

The European Union has strict data privacy and cybersecurity laws that sometimes make collaboration difficult. Microsoft has finally created the ability for people in the EU to collaborate with people in other countries and remain compliant all across the board. The rollout for this Microsoft 365 update finished in late March.

Microsoft has already been compliant with most of these laws, but this new update confirms and ensures ongoing compliance. Assured compliance reduces legal and compliance risks that multinational corporations might otherwise face. 

4. Microsoft Teams: Hide or Pin Your Video

Workers commonly leave their videos visible during conference calls, but many employees find it distracting. Consequently, Microsoft now makes it possible to either pin the video in place or hide it altogether. This update is especially beneficial for those using Teams on a smaller screen, such as a smartphone or tablet.

It's important to remember that it only hides the view for you when you hide your video. Your video is still viewable to others. Microsoft already has provisions for toggling video feeds on or off.

5. Microsoft 365: Enjoy Better Inking and Voice Recognition

One of the most impressive is the advancements made in inking and voice recognition. The new features offer users more control over their work and make it easier to get things done by giving voice commands. Voice commands are helpful when tackling tasks that require hands-free interaction with the computer to be efficient.

Microsoft can also now transcribe meeting minutes in real time, which is a significant improvement for those who need to take notes during meetings. Workers can now focus on the meeting while a bot does the work.

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6. Microsoft Viva Learning: Sync Learning Management Systems

Microsoft Viva Learning is a cloud-based service that improves employee training and onboarding. The platform now integrates with popular learning management systems. Options include Saba Cloud and SAP SuccessFactors.

This means that employees can access their training materials from one central location, regardless of their company's LMS. Employees now also receive notification reminders for training items they need to complete.

7. Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC: Localize Your PC

You can now choose settings that make your cloud PC more localized to your geographic region or language preferences. Microsoft has worked hard over the past few months to increase the number of languages available.

Using localized cloud PCs can reduce schedule mix-ups and miscommunications. Microsoft 365's goal is to make it possible for everyone to be productive and efficient regardless of location or language preference.

8. Microsoft 365 Cloud PC: Leverage Flexible Provisioning

The Cloud PC is a new service that provides users with access to a full desktop experience in the cloud. It means that workers can now access their PC from any device, anywhere. The service also offers flexible provisioning, which means that companies can quickly and easily add or remove users.

Most notably, companies no longer need Azure subscriptions. This cost-effective change makes Microsoft 365 an even more attractive option for businesses of all sizes.

How Cloudficient Can Help You Access Microsoft 365 Updates

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