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One size doesn't fit all!

Every company is different and has different (business and IT) processes to cover when planning and executing an Office 365 Onboarding Project. Offered standard services (e.g., MSFT FastTrack) can't and won't handle the individual project requirements. You are restricted to use the service as it is. 

Many Microsoft Partners have created their Best Practice Processes and Scripts, but adjusting those to meet your process requirements very often results in much testing, high amount of labor effort and manual work and raises project risks and costs.

User On-Boarding?

When you talk to us, you will rarely hear us talking just about "Mail," "Archive," or "File"-Migration.


We always work with you to cover the whole process required to onboard users as fast as and seamless as possible to Office 365, which covers way more than just a Mail-Migration or File Server Migration.


Typically, a lot of other steps are required besides the pure migration steps to give your users a transparent on-boarding experience, such as communication to end-users to keep them informed about the changes or tasks related to Provisioning- and Licensing,  Cleanup and Governance.

Which Workloads can be Targeted?

We typically target multiple Office 365 workloads like Exchange, SharePoint/Onedrive, and Skype For Business in one or various workflows per user. This approach gives you your fastest return on investment as each user can leverage all services that you already pay Microsoft for.


Of course, it is also possible to target single workloads or apply multiple workflows per user in an upcoming sub-project (e.g. eMail
first, OneDrive later). 


A potential Archive Migration (e.g., Enterprise Vault, Source One, and others) can of course also become apart of your individualized onboarding workflow.



Try to Understand before being Understood...

We at cloudficient try to understand your process requirements first and then create the individual workflow for your needs. We use our own developed workflow-based onboarding platform that allows us to produce the desired workflow graphically and without having to script or code.  The platform can orchestrate all necessary workflow steps to target the different O365 Workloads like Mail,  (legacy) Archive, SharePoint, OneDrive, or Skype for Business. Dependencies are automatically resolved, and users progress individually through the process.


This approach not only saves total project time but also saves a large amount of internal and external labor effort and therefore your project budget.

On-Boarding as a Service?

As we collected a vast amount of experience in hundreds of onboarding and migration projects, we are so confident about our service that we can offer you a whole managed service for your Office 365 project for a fixed price per user - with a guaranteed fixed outcomeWe cover the project risk for you! 

We offer capex and opex based projects - even "pay as you go"
is possible.


Our services are typically bought by System Integrators, Storage Vendors, Microsoft Partners or by end-customers from 500 seats onwards.  The largest project we were involved in was a 280'000 Seat Enterprise.


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