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What To Know About Windows 11 22H2

Microsoft released an update for Windows 11 on September 22, 2022. Windows 11 22H2 is a free upgrade for devices ...

Microsoft released an update for Windows 11 on September 22, 2022. Windows 11 22H2 is a free upgrade for devices already running the latest operating system. As a Windows user, you need to know about this update, how you can access it, and how it may affect your business operations.

What Is Windows 11 22H2?

Windows laptop-unsplashContrary to some reports, this is not a new operating system. Still, the upgrade adds new features. These focus on improving security, performance, and stability. In addition, the 22H2 update includes many bug fixes and security enhancements. It is a critical update for businesses because it keeps devices running smoothly and securely. It is the most significant update so far for Windows 11.

What Are the New Updates for Windows 11 22H2?

Microsoft included several new functionalities with this new upgrade. For some users, it could feel like a new operating system. Take a closer look at its most significant changes.

New Touch Gestures

Gestures have set a new standard for advanced technology in the smartphone arena. Microsoft has brought similar features to its PC with touch-enabled screens. Here are some of the new features:

  • Switch to an app you previously used by using three fingers to swipe left or right.
  • Minimize apps by using three fingers to swipe down.
  • Open quick settings by swiping from the right.
  • Toggle the start menu by swiping up from the taskbar and toggle it off by swiping down.

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Video Editing Capabilities

Microsoft bundled Clipchamp into this new update. The tech giant bought this software in 2021. Users can now leverage the app to make basic edits to videos for social media and presentations. It's no replacement for Adobe Premier, but it's a valuable tool for smaller-scale products and simple tasks.

Start Menu Redesign

The Start menu now has a new layout and room for customizations. Microsoft has brought back the Windows 10 feature that made it possible to organize apps into folders. Windows 11 22H2 also allows users to choose between getting more recommendations or more pins in the taskbar section.

OneDrive Integration With File Explorer

Microsoft has not offered a full integration, but it did make some improvements. For example, you can choose to open File Explorer in OneDrive directly. It is also much easier to view documents' syncing status and determine how much space you have left.

Task Manager Changes

Users have brand-new tools to help them identify memory hogs and accelerate PC speeds. Microsoft started by changing the layout to improve readability and ease of navigation. Task manager now responds to shortcuts, making it much easier to control processes. Finally, Efficiency mode will make it easy for people to speed up their PCs, regardless of tech skills.

Settings Modifications

Microsoft tends to make changes to the settings app when it updates its operating system. More often than not, it simply redesigns the appearance. This time, it has also added the following functions:

  • Showing recent searches when hovering over the Search icon
  • Setting different images every day for the desktop wallpaper
  • Making it possible to turn off the overflow menu in the System Tray

What's Next With Windows 11 22H2?

Users worldwide had hoped for tabs in File Explorer, but Microsoft says this feature will not arrive until October. From there onward, the company intends to release additional features once a month or so. However, it will be at least another year before Microsoft reveals another big update that matches the breadth of this one.

How Will Windows 11 22H2 Affect Businesses?

The 22H2 update improves security, performance, and stability. This means that devices will receive better protection against malware and other security threats for businesses. In addition, the update will reduce the risk of downtime. Most changes will feel intuitive. However, companies can reduce the learning curve for less tech-savvy workers by educating workers on the changes and offering basic training.

How Can Companies Access Windows 11 22H2?

Microsoft is gradually rolling out the update. The company will automatically install it for devices running Windows 11 and connected to the internet. When PCs do not allow automatic updates, they might receive a notification prompting users to download the new version. Some people have been able to get the update early by manually checking for updates.

Workers might find that they do not have adequate permissions to download this Windows update. Some might need to bring their devices back to the office for the admin team to resolve the issue. Ideally, companies have set up systems that facilitate remote deployment. Note that even when these are in place, the IT admin needs to remain available to address errors and answer questions that might arise.

Some third-party Microsoft experts have recommended holding off on updates for a month or two. Doing so will ensure Microsoft has the opportunity to resolve bugs that arise. Companies that choose to delay the updates will need to communicate this clearly with workers and set the appropriate permissions.

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How Can Cloudficient Help With Windows 11 22H2?

Companies do not need Microsoft 365 to gain access to the Windows 11 22H2 update. Still, it's worth noting that Microsoft is moving away from old deployment methods and software development. Companies are increasingly migrating to the cloud and Microsoft has shifted its focus to this arena. Consequently, while Windows OS does not require cloud computing, the apps it supports run better in the cloud. If you have not yet migrated to Microsoft 365, Cloudficient can help. Contact us for a quote today.

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