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7 Things Windows 11 Will Bring to Your Company

Microsoft rarely makes a big splash when it announces a new operating system, but not this time. Businesses around the ...

Microsoft rarely makes a big splash when it announces a new operating system, but not this time. Businesses around the world are trying to determine whether their current devices can even run Windows 11. In fact, the software giant has openly admitted that outdated PCs will likely be left behind. So, is the upgrade worth it? What exactly will this new operating system bring to your business?

Businessman showing computer screen to coworkers in creative office1. Better Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity breaches are on the rise and hackers are becoming bolder. They now hold business data for ransom and have no principles against attacking government agencies or public infrastructure. Ransomware is especially terrifying as hackers can demand tens of millions of dollars

Microsoft praises Windows 11 as the most secure Windows version it has created to date. This is great news for companies looking to better protect their organizations from cyber-attacks. Security features include better hardware-based isolation, stronger encryption, built-in security and reliable malware protection.


2. Higher Productivity

Microsoft also promises that its Windows 11 platform is the most productive operating system it has ever built. In fact, Microsoft spent the past year hyper-focusing on creating a more remote-friendly work environment. The features it puts in place to achieve this work just as well for in-office productivity. 

These are some of the new features Microsoft believes will take productivity efforts even further:

  • Streamlined and simplified user interface
  • Snap Layout
  • Snap Groups
  • Deeper Teams integration

3. Better Hybrid Working

The Windows 11 operating system is a reflection of the current hybrid work realities of 2021. Some people work in the office, some people work at home and some people do both. The new operating system facilitates all three options. 

It also makes it easier for workers to pick up where they left off as they move between work locations or from the business office to the home office. Because working from home also tends to come with more distractions, Microsoft has built-in tools to reduce distractions.

Team of business people collaborate holding up jigsaw puzzle pieces as a solution to a problem-14. Stronger Collaboration

Over the past few years, teamwork has become an increasingly important value in most organizations. Instead of handling silos of tasks alone, workers must form multi-disciplined teams to work on complex projects from start to finish.

This was already challenging in the office, but it became even more challenging in the remote work environment. Microsoft believes the Windows 11 platform will help workers overcome many of the challenges they faced. This is also why Teams is now built into the Windows 11 platform.

5. Windows Familiarity

In an effort to present a shiny new object to buyers, software developers often completely revamp operating systems. Instead, Windows 11 builds on the familiarity of what already worked well on the Windows 10 platform. In fact, some people in the tech community are jokingly referring to it as Windows 10.5.

Aesthetic and functional familiarity makes it easier for companies to migrate to the new platform. It will also improve the expected learning curve organizations must prepare for as workers get used to new operating systems.

6. Windows 11 Customizability

Familiarity is a great way to keep people focused on moving forward instead of re-learning basic steps. Even so, Microsoft understands that everyone works differently. Consequently, it has created a more personalized interface that workers can alter to fit their personal preferences, work priorities and workflow patterns.

Microsoft also hopes its personalization tools will appeal to educators who want to create a customized learning experience for their students. This comes as no surprise, considering the strong competition Google now provides in the education market. Google’s Chromebooks account for roughly 60% of all kindergarten and grade-school purchases of laptops and tablets.

7. Windows 11 App Compatibility

One reason many business owners feel reluctant to migrate is the loss of compatibility with apps in the Microsoft Store. However, at its launch, Microsoft promised that it would accept apps built on any framework for maximum compatibility. This significantly reduces the risk of business owners needing to scout for replacements before upgrading to Windows 11. These are some of the platforms Windows 11 is compatible with:

  • Progressive Web
  • .WIN32
  • Java
  • .NET
  • UWP

The Bottom Line

The first step for Windows 11 migration is determining whether your office devices can run the new operating system. Microsoft recommends downloading the PC Health Check app to get a clear answer. If your devices are compatible and you already have Microsoft Office 365, migrating could be as easy as a companywide update.

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