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How To Help Your Employees Continually Grow with Viva Learning

Viva Learning is an excellent tool for professional development. This online learning platform provides access to ...

Viva Learning is an excellent tool for professional development. This online learning platform provides access to thousands of courses on various topics. Employees can learn new skills, improve their current skills, and stay up to date on the latest trends in their industries.

Understand the Full Capability of Viva

Happy volunteer family putting their hands together on a sunny dayLearning is just one of four components of Microsoft Viva. Consider all four when determining how to design and improve your worker experience:

  1. Viva Connections: A social feed within Viva that provides engaging content, Connections allows employees to connect, follow topics they're interested in, and join communities.
  2. Viva Topics: Viva uses Microsoft Graph and AI capabilities to surface the most relevant content for each person. Content types include articles, videos, and even people.
  3. Viva Insights: Viva provides data-driven insights about an employee's skills, network, and performance. Managers can use this information to improve productivity and take proactive steps to tackle potential burnout.
  4. Viva Learning: Viva's learning toolkit offers access to thousands of courses on various topics. It works best when managers include all four components when redesigning the employee experience.

Access Content From a Wide Range of Sources

Training employees is a necessary but time-consuming process. The process does not begin when employees attend classes; it starts as managers and human resources professionals work hard to create the courses. Companies can eliminate some or all of this manual back-end work by accessing existing courses on other platforms:

  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Udemy Business
  • Microsoft Learn
  • Coursera
  • Skillsoft
  • Cornerstone

Make Time for Employees To Use Viva Learning

Another significant cost factor for employee training is the time diverted from job functions. Companies need to consider the potential for an improved performance after employees upskill. Then, set aside time for that upskilling to take place. For example, employees could receive an hour per week on Fridays to do this.

Remember that making time requires more than just allowing employees to allot time for Viva Learning. It also means committing to adjusting quotas when they do, so they don't need to burn themselves out compensating for the hour lost.

Accept Viva Learning Courses for Promotions

When your recruiter needs workers for higher-paying positions, start internally. Hiring externally instead of promoting from within can reduce employee morale. It sends a message that the best chance for upward mobility is outside the organization.

Then, articulate in the internal job ad that managers will accept Viva credentials when considering people for job promotions. Don't just say this; put it into practice so that employees see an actual value behind completing voluntary training.

Accepting Viva Learning qualifications shows that the company treats upskilling as an investment in employees' future careers. It can even encourage workers to take on more challenging roles within the organization. In time, you might find your next top manager already employed within the company.

Integrate Viva With Your Existing Learning Management System

You can reduce the time and effort required to manage courses by integrating Viva with your existing learning management system. Viva provides a single platform from which to administer all your employee training. Companies can easily integrate Viva Learning with popular learning management systems.

Integration also makes it easier for employees to keep track of the credentials they need for promotions or performance reviews. In fact, HR professionals can log into Viva to see what workers have completed and the scores they earned. This reduces the need to track and categorize information manually.

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Make a Note of Viva Learning's Limitations

Viva is an exceptional learning management tool that Microsoft will undoubtedly continue to improve. However, it does have some limitations, especially for people who do not use the standard U.S. version of Microsoft. Keep these limitations in mind:

  • Viva supports multiple languages, but it does not currently support languages written and read from right to left.
  • Managers and employees may need to vet some programs manually due to variations in the experience, teaching style and course quality across platforms.
  • Microsoft has not yet integrated Viva with the Productivity Score feature, which could lead to inaccuracies for managers relying on the metric.
  • Viva Learning is not a free offering within Office 365; it has a per-user cost of $4 to $12.

How Cloudficient Can Help You To Access Viva

In 2021, Microsoft made Viva Learning generally available for Office 365 or Microsoft 365. Consequently, employers need the cloud-based version of Microsoft to provide access to their employees.

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