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Microsoft Bing More Popular Than Ever With New AI-Search Tool

The market share of the Microsoft Bing search engine reached 8.85% in January 2023. Integrating artificial intelligence ...

The market share of the Microsoft Bing search engine reached 8.85% in January 2023. Integrating artificial intelligence and large language models into internet search has helped Bing recently surpass 100 million daily active users. Find out how the OpenAI GPT-4 search tool is making Bing more popular than ever before.

unsplash - stock - bing AI-2Why Is AI Drawing New Users to Microsoft Bing?

The search engine market has always been driven by ease of use. Altavista was the first search engine to support natural language technology in 1995. Users could search the internet with the same phrases that they might say when posing questions to other human beings rather than combining search terms with operators.

The first chatbot dates all the way back to 1966, but the ability to pose questions in natural language and get responses generated by AI based on information available on the internet is a much more recent technological synthesis. Microsoft Bing is the first major search engine to offer extensive AI-powered chatbot functionality.

Users of the new Bing can obtain AI-generated summaries alongside relevant search results. The chat experience also lets users ask follow-up questions and receive personalized replies. A combination of time-saving summaries, smart search results and access to prompt-based composition features has led a growing number of users to search with Bing.

What Does the GPT-4 Model Contribute to Bing Search?

Microsoft recently confirmed that the new Bing search is running on GPT-4 technology. The experimental version of Bing combines the latest version of the latest OpenAI large language model neural network with the Microsoft Prometheus model to leverage the power of AI by providing the best available results.

In addition to chat-based search, the new Microsoft Bing applies AI to the core search ranking engine to improve the accuracy and relevance of results. The GPT-4 model also stands out for its support of prompt-based content creation. Microsoft’s decision to invest in OpenAI back in 2019 enabled the company to beat Google, the search market leader, to market with AI-powered search and content generation technology.

Google has responded by announcing Bard, a forthcoming experimental conversational AI service based on its Language Model for Dialogue Applications or LaMDA project. Bard is currently only available to beta testers, while the signup for the waitlist for the Bing Preview is already granting many users access to Bing search powered by GPT-4.

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How Could AI Make Bing Competitive in the Search Market?

The availability of OpenAI technology in Microsoft Bing has caused the market share of this search engine to grow over the last several months. Once Bard and other LaMDA-powered applications are available to more users of Google search and apps, Bing will face more competition in the market for AI-powered search.

Google had 84.69% of the search market as of January 2023, which suggests that more users are likely to end up using its AI-powered search technology. In a recent blog post, the Chief Marketing Officer of Bing admits that Microsoft’s search engine still only has “a small, low, single-digit share” of the global market. In order to grow this share, the Bing team is likely to focus on the unique strengths of its product.

Creative applications are currently the main advantage of Bing and GPT-4 over competing AI searches and chatbots. The integration of GPT-4 technology into Microsoft 365 applications in the form of Copilot is likely to make more users aware of the unique content generation capabilities of GPT-4 in Bing search.

What Is the Future of AI-Powered Search?

Microsoft Bing is pioneering AI-powered search. It is likely that M365 Copilot will soon support integrating web sources into MS 365 documents created by humans and AI-generated materials.

GPT-4 technology is also poised to become more accurate and user feedback could reduce the frequency of peculiar responses from the chatbot. AI models are also likely to learn from user input, which could lead to more accurate summaries of results and pertinent search rankings.

The content generation features of Bing and M365 Copilot will eventually expand beyond text to include images, videos and other types of media. Microsoft has already integrated the OpenAI DALL-E 2 model for images into the Microsoft Designer app, and this feature is forthcoming for the Image Creator tool in Microsoft Edge and Bing.

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When Is the Full Rollout of Microsoft Bing With GPT-4?

As of mid-March 2023, the waitlist signup for the Bing Preview is granting many users immediate access to Bing search powered by GPT-4. Not every email ID on the waitlist gains instantaneous access, as the AI-powered search engine is still in preview release. A spokesperson for Microsoft has stated that tests the company is running accelerate access to Bing for some users.

The Microsoft Bing team is granting more users access to AI-powered search while also continuing to experiment with turn limit restrictions to maintain the quality of chat performance. This limit has recently been raised to 120 daily turns or 10 per session.

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