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Companies Are Partnering With Microsoft To Combat Uncertainty

As companies continue their journey into uncertain times, managers worldwide leverage partnering with Microsoft to ...

As companies continue their journey into uncertain times, managers worldwide leverage partnering with Microsoft to ensure their success. You may be wondering why this software giant remains such a popular choice. After all, many other major tech brands have emerged and some have grown even larger. Nevertheless, when it comes to business tech, Microsoft leads the market. Here's why.

Data servers resting on clouds in blue in a cloudy sky-21. Most Consumers Know Microsoft

Macbooks and Chromebooks have become trendy, so the new generation of consumers might change this. However, for the vast majority of the world, Microsoft has been the prevailing operating system for several decades.

It is instrumental in business and education settings because it has many tools that other operating systems cannot match, including:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft OneDrive for Business
  • Microsoft Outlook

2. Big Brands Trust Microsoft's Consistency

Younger consumers love Chromebooks and Macbooks. However, when it comes to managing a business or government agency, department heads need consistency more than anything. Consistent technology and software reduce business disruptions and learning curve issues.

Microsoft introduces many innovations to its product offerings, but it maintains familiarity. Consequently, these are some of the prominent organizations partnering with Microsoft:

  • AT&T
  • Boeing
  • MasterCard
  • Kraft Heinz
  • Siemens Mobility
  • Government of Alberta

3. Microsoft Prioritizes the Hybrid Workforce

In 2020, a significant number of employees switched to remote work. Since then, varying practices involving a return to the office has created a hybrid workforce. Microsoft has always been a proponent of remote work and immediately embraced hybrid work realities.

As a direct result, it provides some of the best tools on the market for employers to manage hybrid teams. For example, Microsoft Teams allows co-workers in different locations to video conference, chat, and collaborate on projects in real-time.

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4. Partnering With Microsoft Ensures Cohesiveness

The two main competing operating systems for Microsoft run on an app basis. This is great for many business transactions and work processes, but it does start to fraction the digital workspace.

Consequently, workers find themselves moving between multiple apps to get work done. Doing this contributes to 32 days of wasted labor hours each year. Microsoft builds intuitive software options and integrates them seamlessly, so people can spend more time working and less time moving between apps.

5. Microsoft Plays Well With Others

Microsoft has not always embraced integration with other operating systems. While even Chromebooks could run versions of Microsoft Office, they were often highly watered-down versions with limited capabilities. The company has since drastically changed its position by introducing the Cloud PC and other innovations.

In recent years Microsoft has invested significantly in getting most of the popular Office applications comparable on Apple devices (both iPads and Mac desktop/laptops) to their Windows equivalents.

6. Microsoft Partnering Provides Affordable Solutions

Matching device specs and software capabilities, Microsoft may provide a much more affordable solution than Mac for some organizations. Chromebooks are the most cost-effective, but they do not match the capabilities of the Windows operating system.

Coupled with the ability to run Microsoft apps on other devices, this is one of the top reasons most organizations rely on Microsoft. In fact, 83% of corporations use Microsoft Office. The old systems work so well that many of these organizations still run outdated versions.

7. Microsoft Opens Up a World of Cloud Computing Opportunities

Microsoft Azure is one of the top cloud computing platforms on the market. It provides a comprehensive set of services to manage, develop, and deploy applications globally.

Microsoft is second to only Amazon as a cloud infrastructure leader. This position is thanks to its vast array of features and integrations with other products. Thus, partnering with Microsoft provides organizations with a wealth of opportunities for growth and expansion.

8. Microsoft Is An Industry Leader

Microsoft is one of the most well-known and respected companies in the world. It has a long history of innovation and success. Because of this, Microsoft’s tools can help your company gain credibility and improve its reputation.

When you choose Microsoft, you go into business with an industry leader. It can help you gain the trust of customers and clients. It can also help you attract top talent to your organization.

Cloud Migration Provides Access To Microsoft

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