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How Microsoft Protects Your Company Email

Hackers have become increasingly sophisticated in their attack strategies over the past few years. One of the most ...

Hackers have become increasingly sophisticated in their attack strategies over the past few years. One of the most common ways they gain access to corporate data is through emails that trick employees into clicking links or providing log-in credentials. Because of this, Defender received some updates to beef up its security offering for Microsoft email.

5 Goals of Microsoft Defender for Office 365

How-Microsoft-Protects-Your-Company-EmailMicrosoft has steadily improved Microsoft Defender over the past few years. The addition of Microsoft email to its list of components to protect is one of its newest upgrades. This change provides a truly holistic approach and creates a secure ecosystem for employees to work in with confidence. To accomplish this, Microsoft created tools to cover its top goals.

1. Prevent and Detect Threats

Microsoft invests most of its energy into preventing and detecting threats. Some of its more basic features include spam detection, anti-phishing and malware detection. It also offers more advanced technologies:

  • Admin and user submissions of false negatives and false positives
  • Allow/block features for URLs and files in Microsoft email
  • User and domain impersonation detection
  • Time-of-click protection
  • Admin quarantine
  • Spoof intelligence

Microsoft also added security controls that limit employees’ direct exposure to malicious content and spam. For example, it scans emails for malicious content via links or images. This falls under exchange online protection and can cause some quarantined emails to appear distorted. In some instances, the email will not show at all.

It also limits the return of information to hackers that someone has loaded an image or otherwise interacted with the malicious content. This allows employees to safely preview emails that appear suspicious but which may come from legitimate sources.

2. Investigate and Hunt Threats

When it comes to investigating threats, Microsoft relies on three main tools. It uses SEM integration API. It also relies on real-time detection tools that continue to scan existing emails just in case updated information about threats comes in. Finally, it uses URL trace to determine where a link goes and whether it redirects traffic.

3. Respond Effectively to Threats

Microsoft email uses zero-hour auto purge to get rid of malicious content that made its way through the quarantine blocks. To detect threats retroactively, Microsoft continuously scans emails and uses updated information about malicious content, each time. It also continuously tests and tweaks the allow and block lists to better stop malicious content at the source.

4. Improve Awareness

Some people might point out that training is an excellent tool for prevention, but Microsoft considers it a separate capability of its software. This may be because the company invested heavily in attack simulation training. Employers can use realistic malware and phishing scenarios to train employees to better identify and respond to malicious content.

5. Provide Secure Defaults

Microsoft Defender now includes recommended templates that help employers master configuration. Templates make it easier for employers to fine-tune security settings to align with their security needs as the IT landscape or business needs change.

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Advantages of Incorporating Defender Into Microsoft Email

Are you currently using other methods to secure your business email — or worse, using nothing at all? These findings and benefits may change your mind:

Industry-Leading Protection

Most businesses use Microsoft products for operations, so it comes as no surprise that Microsoft Defender is a top choice. Microsoft has also stepped its game up to achieve a 96% better understanding of threats, a 94% better chance of protecting users and an 89.3% reduction in time spent on investigations and response times.

Streamlined Protection

Purchasing several anti-malware subscription services across different platforms and devices can add up. Difficulties keeping track of subscriptions can also cause them to lapse, leading to vulnerabilities. Microsoft Defender for Office 365 offers one integrated solution that covers all the main components.

Detailed Reporting

While Microsoft provides holistic protection for its entire ecosystem, your organization still needs a strong cybersecurity plan for the network and other components. Defender provides detailed reporting that security professionals can use to better inform data security and network security plans.

How To Get the New Defender for Your Microsoft Email System

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