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6 Benefits of the New Viva Learning API

In July 2022, Microsoft announced that the employee learning API for Viva Learning was now available in public preview. ...

In July 2022, Microsoft announced that the employee learning API for Viva Learning was now available in public preview. This addition illustrates Microsoft's commitment to expanding the modules and capabilities that Viva brings to the table. Its main goal is to streamline the learning experience for organizations by revolutionizing the way companies manage and deploy their learning management systems.

What Is Viva Learning?

Keep Learning written on rural roadThis employee learning management system became available for public use in November 2021. It is a part of the Viva platform, which also includes Viva Topics and Viva Connections. The Viva platform aims to transform the way employees work by unifying communications, knowledge, learning and expertise.

The new API enables developers to access and integrate the functionality of Viva Learning with other applications. Example API methods include retrieving learning content, managing learning progress, and searching for learning content.

Why is this important? Closing skill gaps recently emerged as a significant HRM concern. Learning management systems allow organizations to take ownership of the problem and deploy cost-effective solutions. LMS use can also transform the orientation process. The new API reduces friction in efforts to accomplish this.

Microsoft has divided Viva Learning into three main layers to achieve its lofty goals:

  1. Data Layer: Microsoft uses machine learning to organize data and showcase the content it believes specific employees will engage with more.
  2. Aggregation Layer: The next layer allows for integrating different learning tools and systems that an organization might use.
  3. Platform Layer: The top layer addresses where to deliver content and how to curate customized learning experiences.

What Are the Main Benefits of the New Viva Learning API?

The API makes it easier for users to discover new content within Viva. Employees can now easily share the courses they find interesting. Similarly, managers can send courses they deem mandatory for specific positions or projects. There are additional benefits for both employers and employees as well.

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Better Integration

The new API gives developers more flexibility when integrating Viva Learning into their applications. Previously, the only way to integrate Viva was using Microsoft Graph. With the new API, developers can choose which methods best suit their needs.

Improved Customizability

Giving developers more flexibility makes it easier for organizations to tailor the Viva experience to their specific needs. For example, an organization might want to integrate Viva Learning into its HR system to track employee learning progress. With the new API, this is now possible.

Increased Third-Party Options

Previously, only a limited number of Microsoft products were compatible with Viva Learning. The new API opens Viva to a broader range of third-party applications and provides better integration capabilities. This allows organizations to use already familiar tools and makes it easier to develop new applications that work with this impressive learning management system.

Improved Employee Qualifications

The new Viva API encourages the workforce to improve their qualifications continuously. By making it easier to discover and share new learning content, employees are more likely to continue learning even after completing their mandatory training. This can lead to a more engaged and productive workforce.

Increased Efficiency

The new API makes it easier for managers to deploy learning content to the employees who need it. Managers can target specific groups of employees for the completion of recommended or mandatory courses. This leads to increased efficiency and reduced time required to manage employee learning.

Improved Employee Engagement

Employees have better engagement with courses they choose versus those chosen for them. The ability to discover and share new content increases the likelihood of workers taking courses based on self-motivation. The ease of deployment also helps managers reallocate resources to produce more engaging content. This is crucial for managing hybrid workforces and for courses linked to compliance.

What's Next for Viva Learning?

The new API is one of several improvements Microsoft has planned for its growing ecosystem. Microsoft plans to add more features and capabilities in the near future. For example, it intends to sync learner records so employees can better access what they have completed and what to work on next. This feature would also make it easier for managers to better assess course progress and completion.

These and other planned additions will make Viva more powerful and flexible. They also further Microsoft's goal of transforming the way people work and the places they work from.

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What Role Does Cloud Access Play in Viva Learning?

This learning management program is an add-on for commercial-level Microsoft 365 subscription plans. This means that large enterprise-sized organizations can take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of the cloud to deploy Viva at an enterprise scale.

If you have not yet migrated to the cloud, this is the first big hurdle you need to overcome. Here are some top reasons it's time to modernize your system:

  • The cloud provides an easier alternative to the old way of deploying enterprise applications.
  • The cloud is a secure and reliable platform for storing employee data.
  • Migrating to the cloud can save your organization time and money.
  • The cloud can help you stay compliant with regulations.
  • Cloud computing introduces speed and flexibility to the workforce.
  • 70% of companies name cloud migration as a top priority, so companies that fail to follow suit might fall behind.

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