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Using Microsoft 365 To Create a Successful Hybrid Work Experience

Remote work is on a steady rise as new tools and technologies help to make it easier for teams to connect remotely, and ...

Remote work is on a steady rise as new tools and technologies help to make it easier for teams to connect remotely, and many forward-thinking companies are exploring a hybrid work model that allows employees to work partly in the office and partly at home. While some organizations are sticking to a central workplace, others are continuing to allow at least some telecommuting. If you want to achieve success in a hybrid work environment, Office 365 has a lot to offer.

Use Microsoft Teams as the Center of Your Hybrid Work Experience

Depositphotos_441534644_XLMicrosoft Teams is a unified communication platform, meaning you can use it as the center point of all your team’s communication and collaboration needs. It connects with other Microsoft 365 tools such as Outlook, making it easy to keep all your work in one place. If you need to work on a Word document with your team, just add it to your group channel for easy discussion. If you need to schedule a meeting, add it to your Outlook calendar and automatically schedule the Teams call.

In the hybrid work environment, it can be easy for things to get disorganized if your team isn’t using a cohesive ecosystem. However, with Microsoft Teams and Office 365, you have everything you need to thrive.

Teams Connect allows you to bring together multiple Teams environments into a streamlined, extended space for collaboration. For example, you may have a group you need to collaborate with from an external partner such as a customer or vendor. Alternatively, you may want to separate different organizational units into their own Teams environments. With Connect, you can easily bring groups together for better communication while still allowing each party to manage its own space.

Reimagine the Office as a Physical-Digital Continuum

Hybrid work brings some unique challenges to telecommuting. Not everyone is exclusively working remotely or on-premises. Thus, as a team, you need to create a continuum of communication that incorporates both physical and digital spaces.

Microsoft Teams has special functionality for use in conference rooms. With Teams Rooms, you can display a view that is well-suited for televisions and other large-format displays. Microsoft is focusing on making hybrid meetings more organized and better optimized for the physical-digital continuum.

Connect Your Phones to Teams Phone

Phone systems have been a staple of offices for decades. Replicating a high-quality phone system in a hybrid work environment is easier said than done. With Teams Phone, you can take phone calls right from your Microsoft Teams account.

Operator Connect Mobile makes this even more powerful by allowing you to receive phone calls on Teams using your regular phone number. Plus, you can transfer calls seamlessly from your smartphone’s phone application to the Teams app. You can even move between devices with no interruption. This helps to make navigating the hybrid work environment simpler.

Communication is at the heart of all business operations. With a hybrid-ready alternative to traditional on-premises phone systems, you can not only empower hybrid work but also full-time remote workers, outside sales representatives and on-site consultants.

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Use Office 365 To Make Every Meeting Count

One of the most common complaints about office work, whether in-person or remote, is that meetings are often unproductive. Fortunately, with the power of Office 365, you can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your meetings.

For example, when scheduling meetings using Outlook and Teams, it is easy to share meeting agendas. Plus, you can capture notes as you discuss that are automatically shared with the other attendees.

During the meeting, you may want to present some ideas in a PowerPoint. With AI-based design tools, you can create clearer and more engaging designs. This is invaluable for making every meeting count because it can help bring focus and clarity to your discussions.

Microsoft Teams has built-in functionality to help with presenting to mixed audiences of in-person and remote attendees. This can help your team to thrive in a hybrid setting.

Fuel Your Hybrid Work Success With the Microsoft Cloud

The Microsoft cloud has a huge selection of tools that make it easier to thrive in the world of hybrid work. If you want to take full advantage of these tools, you will need to move your business from your legacy systems to the cloud. The Cloudficient team can help you successfully make this move. We provide cloud onboarding and migration technologies and solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed in the cloud.

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