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5 Ways to Use Technology to Improve Your Workforce

In the modern world, technology is everywhere. Most people are carrying phones in their pockets that are millions of ...

In the modern world, technology is everywhere. Most people are carrying phones in their pockets that are millions of times more powerful than the computers that first sent people to the moon. Despite this, many teams significantly underutilize the technology available to them. The following are five ways you can use technology to empower your workforce and get more done.


1. Use Technology To Digitize and Streamline Your Training

Effective training can provide your team with the right skills and knowledge to take on every task. Additionally, giving people access to training gives them an opportunity to pick up new abilities, potentially leading them to take on new responsibilities. In short, training can be highly valuable from onboarding through to the end of an employee’s time with the team.

By digitizing your training, you can create a more accessible platform. Team members don’t need to wait for group training sessions. Instead, they can just start when they want. Plus, this approach enables microlearning (breaking up training into small modules).

A good learning management system can help you streamline your training processes. More efficient and accessible training will achieve better results for your team.

2. Automate Tasks and Increase Efficiency

There are many tasks performed by business teams that are highly repeatable and require minimal thoughtful inputs. A lot of this work can be automated. For example, switching from an email-based, manual process for filing reports to a cloud-based, automated report workflow can greatly increase efficiency. Most organizations have some processes like these that could benefit significantly from digitization.

Automated workflows are typically more efficient and less prone to errors. Furthermore, they can easily enable asynchronous human inputs, further improving efficiency by allowing people to contribute to workflows on their own schedules.

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3. Reduce Stress With Tools That Streamline Work

Experiencing road bumps and obstacles when working is stressful for team members. The more they have to struggle to get their jobs done, the less satisfying their work will be. This has a double impact of hurting productivity due to both the interruptions themselves and the stress and low morale caused by those interruptions.

Digitization and automation can help significantly here. You can use technology to empower your team members so that they can focus their time on their most valuable inputs and achieve their goals. For example, giving your team the right technology for communication can have a huge impact. Unified tools such as Microsoft Teams provide a selection of communication options to suit different styles. There is even a walkie-talkie app that makes real-time push-to-talk conversations easier.

In a labor market defined by high turnover and dissatisfied workers, empowerment and stress reduction are key. Although it isn’t an end-all-be-all solution, the right technology can have a major positive impact.

4. Make Knowledge Widely Available

Many teams struggle with the challenge of knowledge management. Teams know a lot about how to help the business succeed but that knowledge is held by individuals. Thus, it is only available to those in the know and can’t be easily transferred to new team members.

This is a problem that you can solve with a combination of process and technology. With a solid intranet, you can create a repository of information and knowledge that any team member can access when needed.

Furthermore, with the right tools, you can help to ensure that everyone is in the know about the latest company messages. It is common for “frontline” team members to feel disconnected from executive management. This is often the result of a knowledge and communication gap. Through tools such as SharePoint intranet and Microsoft Viva Connections, you can help to get everyone on the same page.

5. Organize Your Workflows

Even on a team made up of rockstars, if you want to consistently achieve great results, you need highly organized workflows. No matter how talented people may be, if the group is not well-organized, your results will be inconsistent at best.

You can use technology to assist with this challenge. Project management tools can help you to record goals, tasks, completed work and more. With an increasing number of people working remotely or in hybrid setups, having the right tools to keep projects digitally organized is essential. For example, you may use Microsoft Project in your Office 365 suite to organize your work.

Use Technology in the Cloud To Get More Done

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