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Stay on Top of These Windows 365 Updates

Over the past year, Microsoft has focused heavily on tweaking its products and services to meet the new demands of an ...

Over the past year, Microsoft has focused heavily on tweaking its products and services to meet the new demands of an evolving work environment. This has led to a series of Windows 365 updates that you can leverage to change the way you do business for the better. From hybrid work to collaboration to work-life balance, Microsoft seems to have thought of it all.

Use the Cloud PC for Hybrid Work

Stay-on-Top-of-These-Windows-365-UpdatesHybrid work has become increasingly normal within modern-day work environments. This workplace model allows some people to work remotely while others work from the office, and some individuals may do both. 

Windows 365 Cloud PC makes it easy to switch between devices in the office, at home and while traveling. Workers can pick up exactly where they left off across all devices. Microsoft accomplishes this by streaming its OS via the cloud.

Get Email Reminders

Email is a convenient way to communicate with customers, colleagues and vendors around the world. Over time, however, the email pile can grow out of control. Eventually, some emails you opened just hours before are now long forgotten.

Windows 365 updates include reminders to take action on emails you have not yet addressed. This reduces the likelihood of important emails falling through the cracks.

Pin Your Top Messages

Whether you need to remember to address an email or find yourself referencing its contents frequently, pinning that email can help. When you pin an email or message, it moves to the top of your inbox so you can find it quickly when you need it. This option is available across multiple devices and OS options that have Outlook installed or use the web version.

Find Your Files With Ease

No matter how well-organized your files are, looking for attachments to add to emails can feel like a chore. The deeper your file levels get, the more true this becomes. Microsoft simplifies the task by using AI to recommend files related to the content of your emails or messages. This saves workers a lot of time while also reducing the risk of forgetting to attach files altogether.

Create Graphics More Easily

Graphics can simplify the most complex reports and technical information. Even so, creating good graphics often takes a lot of time. In the past, workers had to select shapes and manually resize them. With the new Visio updates, workers can choose shapes and then “draw” them according to the size and placement they have in mind.

Build a Community

One of the top reasons many people have voluntarily returned to the office after remote work is a feeling of isolation and burnout. Many workers learned the hard way that a sense of community was crucial to their engagement and job satisfaction. 

The Communities app makes it easier for managers to build a community among remote, hybrid and in-office workers to ensure inclusion. Managers can create several communities in the cloud for workers to join. Microsoft even leverages AI to make community recommendations.

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Use Windows 365 Updates to Collaborate Effectively

Microsoft released a wealth of updates aimed at improving collaboration. These include an influx of new apps from Microsoft partners. For example, Salesforce for Teams now brings account data into the Teams workspace so teams can review data and make more informed decisions. Similarly, Confluence Cloud makes it easier to take notes during Teams meetings and format them easily.

Add Q&As to Meetings

Most workers disliked meetings even when they had to attend them in person. Keeping them engaged remotely can present an even more significant challenge. Adding Q&As to meetings might be just what you need. 

With this new app, you can create a structured question-and-answer section during meetings so you can track, address and even dismiss questions. Responses become threaded into the original question, and you can pin top posts.

Take Breaks Between Meetings

Back-to-back meetings can quickly begin to feel overwhelming. Microsoft allows you to schedule breaks by starting meetings late or ending them early. This provides time to do any of the following:

  • Use the restroom
  • Clear your head
  • Get water or a cup of coffee
  • Review notes for the next meeting
  • Quickly respond to important emails

Leverage These Windows 365 Updates

To experience the best of all that Microsoft has to offer, your business needs to operate on the cloud. If you haven’t already migrated your business, it’s time to reconsider. At Cloudficient, we understand the hesitance and fear of business disruption. However, as your migration vendor, you can count on speed, reliability and minimal disruption. Contact us to find out how we can help you access these Windows 365 updates.

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