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How Microsoft Teams Users Are Getting Even More Protection

Every year, data breaches become more expensive and more frequent. Not surprisingly, companies are doing everything ...

Every year, data breaches become more expensive and more frequent. Not surprisingly, companies are doing everything they can to keep hackers out of their data. From beefing up their cybersecurity squad to investing in new technology and hiring analysts, businesses are exploring every available option. What about Microsoft Teams? Did you know that phishing protection just got better for Microsoft Teams users?

Spam - Text on Red Puzzles with White Background. 3D Render.What Is Microsoft Teams?

If you haven’t yet migrated to the Office 365 cloud, Microsoft Teams might not be familiar to you. This communication platform is part of the Office 365 portfolio. It supercharges collaboration and makes it easier for teams to work together effectively and efficiently from anywhere in the world. The app also makes it easier for teams to organize their work even for complex projects. Key features include file sharing, messaging options and video conferencing.

What New Protection Will Microsoft Teams Users Receive?

Microsoft recently expanded its Microsoft Defender functionality to make Safe Links part of the collaboration app. When Microsoft Teams users click on a link, the Defender scans the link in real-time to determine whether it is harmful. It confirms this by checking the host website for malicious content. This significantly reduces the effectiveness of link-based attempts to get user information. These phishing attacks usually try to get users to log in on fake pages that steal information.

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Safe Links first joined the Microsoft Defender toolkit in 2015 and has remained one of its most crucial defense mechanisms. In fact, Microsoft reports that its link-scanning capabilities protect its users from 2 million malicious links every month. The system also blocks 100 million monthly phishing emails that contain phishing links.

Why Do Microsoft Teams Users Need Safe Link?

Currently, most phishing attacks seem to occur on social media and via email. In most Microsoft work environments, Microsoft Teams is part of the internal social network. Consequently, all it takes is one account to become compromised. If this happens, further infiltration becomes easy because people naturally trust that other co-workers have control of their accounts and would only be sending work-related items.

Instead of waiting until disaster strikes to act, Microsoft blocks the attack before it can take root. Even better, it requires no extra work for the company it serves and comes at no additional cost. It may, however, require users to configure Safe Links. In some organizations, users might not have permission to do this, so companies will need to request the IT department to make a company-wide change.

What Else Can Companies Do To Secure Microsoft Teams?

Hackers have found new and creative ways to attack companies, so businesses must work on being equally creative. These are some of the many strategies worth looking into.

Provide Anti-Phishing Training

Corporations around the world have reported that hackers have become increasingly skilled at impersonating them. Consequently, workers must also become better at identifying fake messages, even from unlikely sources like push notifications. Regular training ensures employees have up-to-date knowledge on what to expect. Training also provides best practices on how to react to phishing attempts.

Report Anti-Phishing Attempts

Most email providers have an option for reporting phishing emails. It’s important to let the impersonated companies know so they can tackle the issue from a corporate level. On the company’s end, this might involve sending out warnings or providing information on how to identify genuine emails from the company. In some cases, the company might be able to track down the source from data in the email or message.

Use VPNs for Remote Access

When workers use public networks to access Microsoft Teams and other platforms, they risk the likelihood of someone else viewing and stealing their passwords. Virtual private networks ensure a private connection, regardless of the source of the WiFi. VPN use also reduces the effectiveness of hackers trying to spoof well-known public WiFi setups.

Encrypt Work Devices

It’s important to encrypt the devices used at the office. It is even more important to encrypt the devices workers use to complete assignments or interact with teammates. This prevents the risk of unauthorized access should the device be left unattended or become lost or stolen. Some encryption methods require locking the devices, so workers should also get into this habit.

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