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10 Things To Know About the New Microsoft Outlook Lite App

You no longer need a Windows device to enjoy the best of what Office has to offer. Microsoft has ramped up its efforts ...

You no longer need a Windows device to enjoy the best of what Office has to offer. Microsoft has ramped up its efforts to support multiple platforms. One of the most recent examples is the new Microsoft Outlook Lite app for Android. This new app is lighter and faster than the original Outlook app launched for Android devices. A Lite version has existed for a while but only in specific countries. Microsoft will now expand its rollout. Here's what you need to know.

Closeup portrait happy, smiling business woman, bank employee holding piggy bank, isolated outdoors indian autumn background. Financial savings, banking concept. Positive emotions, face expressions1. Low-End Devices Will Struggle Less

Apple creates a consistent product that only supports a high-end market. Android supports all ends of the market and licenses its operating system to multiple phone manufacturers. Doing this improves accessibility for people worldwide, but some apps can seem clunky and slow on lower-end devices. Outlook Lite addresses this by providing a version with fewer bells, whistles, space requirements and processing demands.

2. It Offers No Support for Work or School Accounts

The new Outlook Lite app for Android sounds like great news for people studying and working on the go. After all, even higher-end devices could use more space and lighter apps by the time you start filling them up with work files and PowerPoint presentations. However, Microsoft does not expect to support work and school accounts. You will not be able to connect to your Exchange account using this app.

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3. Microsoft Outlook Lite Offers Limited Email Support

Outlook Lite will only offer support for a limited number of email providers. At launch, it will not support iCloud, Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Instead, you need an MSN, Live, Hotmail or Outlook account for it to work. This Lite version also only supports one email account at a time, so you will need to sign in and out to move across different accounts.

4. Tech Gurus Expect Data Use Savings

Most people in developed countries don't worry about data use, but that changes when a hybrid workforce travels abroad. Because of the smaller size and fewer features, experts believe Outlook Lite will save how much data it requires to run and load quickly on low-grade telecommunication networks. This is also great news for people residing in spotty service areas.

5. Download and Use Microsoft Outlook Lite for Free

Microsoft plans to offer the Outlook Lite app for Android at no cost. Users can download it from the Google Play Store. Tech experts believe that it will eventually replace Android's Outlook app. The current version is also free for download and currently claims 500 million-plus downloads. If the Lite version replaces this, Microsoft must address its work and education accounts exclusion.

6. Microsoft Outlook Lite Complements Small Businesses

Small business owners often look for ways to keep costs low. Consequently, many do not use enterprise versions of Outlook. These companies often still use regular email addresses, which makes it possible to use this app. Freelancers and other micro-business owners might also benefit from its use.

Office 365 Backup CTA7. The Outlook Lite App Is an Extension of Microsoft's Mobile-First Strategy

The Microsoft Outlook Lite app launch indicates that Microsoft is serious about its mobile-first strategy. This strategy began in 2014 when CEO Satya Nadella announced a shift in thinking for the company. It would no longer be "a devices and services company" but instead would focus on offering mobile versions of its popular productivity apps. The strategy has been successful, with Microsoft reporting strong growth in its Office 365 business.

8. The App Strengthens Microsoft's Support for Android

Apple creates a quality product, but it has one main downfall: It does not "play well" with others. This can make it virtually impossible to maintain a multi-platform organization that includes Apple devices. Microsoft, the leader in enterprise operating systems, has decided to take the opposite approach. The Cloud PC is another tool it has created to offer support to Google Chromebook and Android users.

9. Microsoft Outlook Lite Goes Live Worldwide in July 2022

The Outlook Lite app for Android will be available worldwide before the end of July. Until then, people who want to use it can try to sign up for the preview program. This may give them early access to the app so that they can provide feedback to Microsoft.

10. Cloud Migration Does Not Affect Accessibility

Because enterprise accounts do not have access to Outlook Lite for Android, cloud migration will not determine accessibility. However, that might change in the future, especially if Microsoft decides to get rid of its existing Outlook app for Android.

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